Kinsta Single Site plans for WordPress hosting price


Kinsta has several packages & plans for web hosting. There is one specific plan for a single site, which is Starter. The plan costs $35 per month. If you pay per year, they give you a discount of $70.

Features of the plan

The number of visits per month are 25,000.The plan comes with 10GB Storage space,100GB CDN,1 Premium Migration,2PHP workers,14 days backup retention.

The good thing about Kinsta is that they will also provide opportunity for upgrading or buying more resources if the allocated one is exhausted.

There are also other plans for single sites.Below is the list:

Business1 ($90 per month)

Business 1 costs $90 per month.It sustains up to 100,000 monthly visits, 10GB storage,400GB CDN,6PHP workers.It also comes with 14 days backup retention

Business 2($170 per month)

Features: 250,000 visits, 10GB Storage, 600GB CDN, 6PHP workers, 14 days backup retention

Business 3($290 per month)

Features: 400,000 visits, 15GB Storage, 800GB CDN, 8PHP workers, 12 days backup retention

Business 4($375 per month)

Features: 600,000 visits, 15GB Storage, 800GB CDN, 8PHP workers, 12 days backup retention

Kinsta offers you 30-day money back guarantee.This means that you can use their services for 30 days and ask for refund if you are not satisfied with the services.

Kinsta payment methods

They accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover. They only accept wire transfers and ACH for annual WordPress Hosting subscriptions. They do not accept PayPal or checks at this time.

If the resources your plan is allocated are exhausted,you are at liberty to buy more resources.The extra resources are priced as follows:

$1 for 1000 visits

$2 for 1GB disk space

$0.10 for 1 GB CDN average

To get started,follow this link and visit Kinsta website