How much bloggers make from 500,000 page views


A blog getting 500,000 page views earns $500 to $2000.The earnings depend on geographical location of traffic, monetization strategies, niche, ad placement and the authority of the blog.

  1. Geographical location of traffic

Traffic from Africa and India is not so good for AdSense, it will generate$0.01 to $0.05 per click. You content should target high paying traffic which is from European countries and USA.If more than 50% of the traffic is from USA, then you will make over $1000 from 500,000 page views.

Traffic from USA will pay more than $0.20 per click.

  1. Niche

There are specific niches which will generate high income even with low traffic. Highest paying niches include: real estate, blogging, web hosting, make money online, loans, personal finance, mortgage, insurance and health. Targeting these niches means earning over $1500 from 500,000 page views.

  1. Source of traffic

Organic traffic from search engines is the best. Once AdSense realizes that your traffic is from searches, they direct high paying adverts to your site. Organic traffic is of better quality that social media traffic.

  1. Ad placement

Place ads where they are more visible. If you place ads at the footer or below the posts, there are high chances they won’t be seen by viewers. The best places to put them is the header, inside the posts and sidebar. You can also place them before the posts.

When the ads are visible, the click through rate is high, hence more income.

  1. Authority of the blog

Blogs with higher authority always receive the best adverts. Their adverts have been optimized, hence high income.

  1. Monetization strategy

We may assume that it’s only AdSense content creators are using, but there are several other monetization strategies. You can make money through sponsored content, through affiliate marketing or by selling your own products. All those strategies will boost your income.