Best Online Survey affiliate programs 2024


Survey companies offer you a chance of earning money through the affiliate programs. Millions of people participate in surveys monthly. Share the referral links in your site and get paid whenever people sign up through the links.

Below is a list of the best survey affiliate programs 2024:

  1. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow will pay 25% recurring commission when your referrals convert into paying customers. Their cookies duration is 90 days.

You will also receive a whopping $500 bonus for your outstanding affiliate performance.

  1. Survio

Survio pays 30% of every sale.You will be provided with banners and referral links for easy marketing.

  1. Typeform

They pay up to $20 for every referral to their products.You will receive money through PayPal or Stripe.

  1. Survey Junkie

If you join, you’ll receive at least $1.50 per referral and the conversion is single opt-in

  1. Infosurv

Any individual who generates a lead for Infosurv that later turns into a sale is compensated with a $250 referral fee.

How to Join

Joining either Infosurv Affiliate Program is easy! All you need to do is give them some basic information about yourself and your business, at which point they will add you to their official affiliate list. There are no forms to sign or fees to pay. We’ll only need the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Your business name
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your email address
  5. Your office address
  6. A basic description of the services that you offer

Once this information is received, Infosurv will be glad to speak with you in more detail about their services so that you can educate the clients about Infosurv’s services.

  1. Zoho

Your qualified referrals get $100 in Zoho Wallet credits.Joining is free.Zoho offers 90 days cookies. Get access to the affiliate dashboard. Easily track commissions and payouts, and create affiliate links to any Zoho webpage with our URL builder tool.

  1. Pawns

Pawns offers one of the best affiliate programs.You earn up to 20% lifetime commission. Receive payouts from the earnings of each user you refer 30 days after they join and start using the app.

Joining the program is free.

Fast payments via multiple options including crypto, banks, PayPal, and more

  1. BlockSurvey

The company pays 20% recurring commission that makes you real money.The payout is done annually.

  1. ResponSesuite

As a ResponseSuite affiliate, you’ll earn 30% commissions every month, from each customer that you refer. In other words, if you send a sale worth $69/month, you’ll earn $20. Every single month!*

Or a $690/year sale is $200/year in your pocket!*

  • ySense

Become a ySense Affiliate and start earning today!

Share ySense with your friends and watch your earnings grow. Earn up to 30% recurring commissions on what your referrals make.

Signup Commissions

  1. For each referral that becomes active you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from select countries
  2. Once your referrals earn their first $5.00 (excluding commissions and bonuses) you will also earn an extra $2.00* bonus!

Activity Commissions

  • For every approved Survey, Offer your referrals complete you earn a whopping 20%* commission of that they earn.
  • * Increase your commission level to up to 30% . The more active your referrals are the more you earn!
  • YouGov Survey
  • YouGov pays a $2 – $4 fixed referral commission to the users. The YouGov referral terms vary across different countries.
  • In order to earn a referral commission, the referred member must complete at least 5 surveys after signing up on YouGov.

You can earn over $1000 per month if you refer more than 100 customers to the company.

  1. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks affiliate program offers single-tier commissions, which means the affiliates earn commissions only on sales they generate. Moreover, the affiliate program offers a fixed commission structure, with a minimum payout of $50

  1. Survey Savvy

How does our patented referral payment system work?

  • You get incentives when you complete surveys
  • You get incentives when your direct referrals complete surveys
  • You get incentives when your indirect referrals (referrals your direct referrals made) complete surveys

Once you have accumulated more than $1 USD in incentives, you can request payment by using the “Request Payment” tool under the Account section once logged in. Payment is made by check in USD

  • Paid ViewPoints Panel

They pay up to 25% per referral. They also pay a 20% flat referral commission for members with VIP status.

  • RevenueHunt

Referral Commissions. Sign up new RevenueHunt customers and collect a 20% lifetime commission from all revenue they generate.