Maximum amount of monthly traffic for shared hosting from the best web hosting providers in the world 2024


Have you ever wondered what is the maximum amount of traffic shared hosting plans for leading web hosting providers can handle? Well, some of them can handle up to 600,000 visits per month but majority are limited at 400,000 monthly visits.

When choosing the right web hosting provider, the first thing to look at is whether the plan you are about to buy can handle traffic from your site. Below is the amount of traffic each of these plans can handle.

Bluehost (Pro plan) —up to 600,000 monthly visits

DreamHost(Shared Unlimited plan)—up to 300,000 monthly visits

Hostinger(Cloud Startup plan)—up to 500,000 monthly visits

GreenGeeks(Premium plan)—up to 400,000 monthly visits

A2 Hosting (Turbo Max Plan)—up to 700,000 monthly visits

SiteGround(GoGeek plan)—Up to 400,000 monthly visits

HostGator(Business Plan)—up to 400,000 monthly visits

Inmotion(Pro Plan)—up to 500,000 monthly visits

Most of these web hosting providers offer 30-days money back guarantee, free site migration, Free SSL Certificate and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Shared Hosting is ideal for new and medium traffic sites. If you are starting a new blog, you should not choose VPS or Dedicated Servers because they are more expensive than Shared Hosting plans.