Ethiopian Airline Cabin Crew Training, Recruitment, Requirements and Salaries


Below are the training requirements, recruitment requirements and salaries of Ethiopian Airline Cabin Crew:

Qualifications for Trainee Cabin Crew

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Vision at least 20/40.
  • Weight in proportion to height.
  • Physically fit able to pass the pre-employment physical examination.
  • Well-groomed and practice good hygiene.
  • Professional, business-like, polite and mature.

List of Requirements and Qualifications to Become an Ethiopian Airlines Cabin Crew

  • Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be at least 1.58 M in height.
  • You must be able to meet all basic Physical Screening requirement.
  • Your body weight must be proportionate to your height & age (using BMI).
  • No visible scar, markings, and tattoo.
  • Must have Level 3 English language proficiency. (You must knoe the level of your english proficiency before arriving for the assessment.)
  • You must attend English Language Proficiency Training Program if you will not be able to achieve their basic english requirement, thus will be at your own cost.
  • You must be physically and mentally fit, since aviation doctors will examine you and provide medical certificate to continue with your application.


  • Be well-prepared and physically fit for the flight.
  • Welcome passengers and assist them to their seats.
  • Make announcements.
  • Inform passengers about the emergency and safety protocols.
  • Ensure the passengers’ comfort and safety.
  • Provide First Aid
  • Serve food and Drinks
  • Offer in-flight services
  • Make reports after every flight.

Ethiopian Airline Cabin Crew Training

  1. Entry Requirements
  2. Minimum completion of high school. Applicants need to send their supporting documents

confirming completion.

  1. Meet the basic physical screening requirement
    1. Height- Minimum requirement being 1.58 m;
    2. Body weight – appropriate weight for height (using BMI) & for age as well should be met.
  • No visible scar, markings and tattoo
  1. Demonstrate minimum of Level-III (Level 3) English proficiency. Candidates need to know their level before arriving for the training. If one falls short of the minimum level, they may be required to attend the English language Proficiency Training Program at extra cost. EAA has its’ own English Language training program for candidates at different level.
  2. Be medically fit and produce medical certificate from Aviation Doctors.
  1. Visa and other Formalities
    1. EAA may send you invitation letter following your meeting of the admission requirements listed on item No. -I- above.

For candidates who are coming from countries where there are no embassies, EAA facilitates visa on arrival upon receipt of valid passport scanned copy. Visa on arrival process needs a minimum of 10 working days. You need to send scanned copy of your valid passport quiet ahead of time considering the minimum 10 days into account.

  1. Candidates are strictly required to produce Police Clearance Certificate on criminal records check. This document needs to be sent as early as secured to facilitate acceptance formalities and meet Security requirements.
  2. To meet local security requirement, a Personal History Form need to be filled out, signed, with picture attached and sent to the visa facilitation office (Sales & Business Development Office) together with the Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Clearance.
  3. Initially, candidates shall arrive with visitors’ visa. Once they start class, the Academy will facilitate for Residence Permit with payment of required charge to Immigration. Amount will be advised once you proceed in your admission process.
  4. All International Trainees are expected to produce supporting letter from their embassies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, within 5 working days of arrival. The supporting letter should mention reason for stay in Addis Ababa, validity of Police Clearance Form and confirming nationality of applicant.
  5. Visa and other security pass process will be facilitated after receipt of proof of payment by EAA.
  • Fees & Payments
    1. The Cabin Crew Training Program runs for a duration of 3 months. Package One: USD 5,500.00.

This includes:-

  • Classroom and On-the-Job Training(OJT) Fee;
  • Accommodation Expenses; and
  • Monthly Pocket Allowance of ETB 2,960.00

Package Two: USD 4,500.00.

This includes:-

–   Classroom and On-the-Job Training(OJT) Fee;

  1. A qualified candidate need to settle 50% of the total Training Fee (of package selected) before starting training and the remaining 50% shall be settled after one month from commencement of the training.
  2. Contract Agreement shall be sent to you to be signed by self or sponsor and to be returned back to EAA for counter signature.
  3. Invoice will be sent to you to transfer the payment in USD to Ethiopian Airlines’ CITI Bank

Account in New York or Deutsche Bank AG London Account. Details will come on the Contract Agreement and on the Invoice. Once payment is settled, proof of payment shall be advised to EAA Sales and Business Development office. Please use the following telephone number or e-mail in your correspondences:-

  1. No. +251-115-174016, 251-115-174013 or +251-115-174023
  2. IV) Training Calendar

Applications are received throughout the year. New classes are planned to start every quarter starting from January.

However, depending on the demand, there might be admission of extra batch in between in addition to the regular admission.

Actual class starting date will be communicated to you through e-mail.

  1. Training Duration and Class Times

The Cabin Crew Training Program takes 3 months if a candidate does not have to initially attend English Proficiency Class which may last from 3 to 6 months depending on the proficiency level.

Trainees can choose to attend three line flights on one of the following aircrafts Q400, B737, B777, and B787 (additional charges apply).

Classes are conducted at our training Headquarter located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on week days, from Monday through Friday during office hours from 08: 00a.m-05:00p.m.


  1. VI) Travelling to Addis Ababa



Entry to Ethiopia is through Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Upon arrival, you will be met by a local coordinator that will accompany you to the training facilities.

Check with your Travel Agent or Ethiopian Airlines local ticket office for requirements on health certificates before travelling.

Salary of Cabin Crew at Ethiopian Airline

The monthly salary of Cabin Crew at Ethiopian Airline is USD 800 to USD 2500.