How I make $10,000 Monthly via Remotasks yet I am in College


One of our readers has revealed how he started earning with Remotasks.He makes $10,000 monthly and he is from Kenya. Below he explains how he makes the money.

“The first time I heard about Remotasks was in 20233 January through a college friend. I visited him at Kahawa Sukari where he was living and I was shocked. We get helb of Ksh 50,000 yet he lives like a kind. Even going for lunch, we were struggling to pay bills. In his room there were magnificent seats costing around Ksh 400,000. I really wondered, many questions lingered through my mind. “Is this man doing Illuminati? “I questioned myself.

I was forced to ask him how he lives comfortably yet we are both students. He didn’t answer me immediately until 2 weeks later when he told me he had a task which I could do and he pays me.He gave me some data entry task which was to take 1 hour.I did convincingly.

The following week, he paid me Ksh 3,000, he told me it was for the work I had done. He again gave me more work and I did as per the instructions.

After working for some time, he started giving me the work regularly and paying me Ksh 50,000 weekly.

After sometime I learnt that he had an account at Remotasks.I worked for him as I learnt how remote jobs work.

One thing I learnt was that he had US account. All his details indicated that he is based in USA.He had someone in USA who created accounts and allowed him to use the accounts to earn money. In a month he would earn $10,000 to $15000 and pay me less than $1000.

I worked hard to have my account. I took the contact of the person in USA and another one in India who sold the accounts. I purchased one and also paid $32 to ChatGPT.I worked for 2 months for my friend and later decided to work on my own.

I received my first payment in July 2023.Remotasks pays on weekly basis. The first payment was $1200.Over time, my income increased up to a point where I was making over $10,000 monthly.

It’s over 3 months now and my monthly income from Remotasks is $8,000 to $12,000.I have employed two guys whom I pay $2000 monthly.

The secret most people working online won’t tell you is that you have to get an account from USA.You will earn $15 to $70 per hour.But if you get an account indicating you’re in Kenya,you’ll make Ksh 150 to Ksh 300 per hour.

Another secret is that your accounts are blocked a lot.It’s good to have more than 1 account.Also,ensure that you withdraw money immediately it’s credited into your account.