Bank of Africa(BOA) Kenya Fresh Graduate Salaries


Bank of Africa is one of the top recruiters for fresh graduates in Kenya.With zero professional experience and new from the university, they will pay you Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 60,000 per month. They usually recruit fresh graduates and train them for 1-2 years. During training, salary is below Ksh 65,000. After training, they are given a long term contract. After confirmation, the starting salary is Ksh 65,000 to Ksh 80,000.

The Bank also pays bonuses annually based on the performance of the bank.If they surpass their target, employees are given bonus equivalent to their salary.

The salary of employees is increased annually. If you join them today, by the time you reach your 5th year, your pay would have grown to Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 130,000.

Bank of Africa Graduate Trainee Requirements

Minimum age: 21 years

Maximum age: 35 years

Work experience: At least (2) years

Qualification: C+ mean grade in KCSE including English and Kiswahili languages. Graduate with degree in Business administration or related field from a recognized university.

Professional qualification: Must be a registered and active member of relevant professional bodies.

Skills: Applicant must possess good interpersonal relations skill, be a good team player, excellent written and oral communication skill, ICT skill, analytical and critical think skills etc.

Competence: Strong commercial attitude, be result driven, proactive and demonstrate ability to adapt to change.

To get a job easily at the Bank of Africa, score first class or second class upper division in the university. You should also pursue a professional course like CPA, ACCA, CFA or CIFA.

Don’t wait for the jobs to be advertised, visit their headquarters and drop a blind application. You can also apply through their online portal.