Can I do masters with a pass degree in Kenya


If you scored a Pass in Kenya in your undergraduate course, you won’t enroll for a masters course immediately. Before applying for Masters, first enroll for Post Graduate Diploma in a relevant course. After graduating, proceed to enroll for Masters.

A pass is not a good grade by all standards, it’s next to a fail. When you score a pass it means that you weren’t serious in class, it also means there is something that prevented you from passing. In case you find yourself in this situation, don’t give up, go for a Postgraduate course, graduate and do your preferred masters course. But your masters course should be slightly different from your career. Let’s say you got a pass in Actuarial Science, don’t go for maters in Actuarial, enroll for MBA.

If you can’t enroll for Postgraduate Couse, pursue a professional course related to your degree. Assuming that you got a pass in BCom but you are also CPA(K) holder, you won’t be denied a chance to pursue Masters in Business Administration.

If you also possess at least 5 years of experience, you can enroll for a Masters in Kenya even if you scored a pass in undergraduate.

If I were you, instead of enrolling for a masters in Kenya,I will go abroad or in Gulf to work there because I know they won’t look at my degree before offering me a job.I will look for a Green Card to USA and relocate there. Even if my undergraduate will be useless, I will get a job.

Here in Kenya most employers won’t give you a job when your grade is a pass,they will see you as a failure.