Can I resign from a government job for NGO Job?


“I am Martin from Nairobi.I applied for a job in an NGO in February and I got it.I am currently a Project Manager in a Government institution earning Ksh 130,000.I am employed on permanent basis. I pursued Bachelor of Commerce, MBA and Project Management course. I also hold CPA qualification.

The job I have been called to start is paying me Ksh 420,000 per month and it’s 5-year non-renewable contract. It’s based in Lodwar.For the past 1 week have been asking myself many questions and being in dilemma. I honestly don’t know what to do. All I need is your advise”


Since the current job is permanent and pensionable, I understand it’s difficult to leave it.But as someone who has worked in an NGO,I will strongly advise you to quit the government job for the NGO job.In the NGO you will be surprised that your monthly salary is not Ksh 420,000 but Ksh 700,000.There are many benefits which are not indicated in your contract, you will experience them once you start working. Taking risks is part of growth.

In 5 years, you will earn Ksh 25,200,000 from the NGO.It will take you 18 years to earn similar amount in the government institution. From this comparison, it’s better to resign and join NGO than remain in the government institution where you earn peanuts.

While working at the NGO, enroll for a PhD course such that when the contract is over, you can look for a job in a training institution as a lecturer. The PhD course can also open more doors for you and become a researcher. The good thing about working with NGO is that you will get connections which will help you secure employment in another NGO.

Resigning from a government institution doesn’t mean you will not return there when your contract with the NGO is over.If your work was excellent, you will be allowed back either as a consultant or full time employee.


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