Choosing the Right Reseller Hosting Provider: Key Factors to Consider


Are you planning to earn some extra income? Or want to start your own web hosting business? reselling hosting services is a profitable side hustle! It requires building your own web hosting business and selling the services to your potential customers.

Although when hosting your client’s websites, you want to offer the best services to them. Similarly, it is important to choose the best and cheap reseller hosting plan that will help you manage your customers effortlessly and at the same time allow you to expand your business.

So, as a reseller, your decision can sink or swim your business. If you make the right decision at this step, you’ll get a successful start! But if you select the wrong reseller hosting partner, your reseller business might get into trouble.

Thus, if you consider a few key factors, you can easily find the right reseller service provider that fulfills all of your business requirements. By having the right reseller service provider on your side, you can offer your clients an excellent user experience. You also don’t have to worry about managing several time-consuming administrative tasks for your reseller hosting business.

Understanding Reseller Hosting

If you’re a beginner and have no idea what reseller hosting is all about, then let’s first understand what reseller hosting is.

Basically, this hosting involves clients, like a business or an individual entrepreneur, buying web hosting resources from a larger web hosting provider and then reselling those services to their own potential customers.

In simple terms, you can say that a reseller will purchase hosting services in bulk and break them into smaller hosting plans to sell them to their own customers.

Key Factors to Consider

Selecting the right reseller hosting package isn’t just ticking off a checklist, it’s also about understanding the needs of your business and how to best fulfill them.

In this blog, we’ll navigate you through the important factors you must consider – starting from technical specifications to financial responsibilities – to find the best reseller service provider. So, let’s get started.


When looking for the right reseller hosting provider, the first and foremost thing that people consider is the “cost” instead of evaluating hosting packages in detail. But still, the price should not be the deciding factor when selecting a reseller web host.

After comparing a few reseller hosting providers, calculate the difference in prices between them. Make sure you don’t choose a low-priced offer that you find. It might not be the best idea, specifically if you intend to make money out of it.

Closely inspect the companies that are willing to make a long-term contract at a cheaper price. They would not possibly have much to offer. Thus, where you can reduce the expenses, from one point of view, you might lose your chance of opting for a better reseller hosting company in time to come.


Each website is different and has different needs. For example, if your website is small with low traffic, then you might require less bandwidth as compared to one that is loaded with videos and has high traffic.

Therefore, ensure that the hosting package offers ample bandwidth so that if your client uploads large files or does video streaming, they’ll have sufficient bandwidth. Moreover, make sure to evaluate the data transfer policy, since some web hosting companies might put restrictions on the amount of data you can upload every month.

Control Panel

A reseller web host must offer a control panel to manage your files, change passwords, manage website resources, and overall manage your web hosting company. There are two major control panels: Plesk and cPanel.

The major benefits of selecting the cPanel option include:

  1. There’s no need to worry about overselling because the resources you disburse aren’t sold to any other user.
  2. You can manage billing as well as billing software, and you’ve got the liberty to select any business solution at your own free will.
  3. You can offer after-sales service through the means of your choice.

Again, if your only focus is to do a reseller hosting business and you’re ready to set up a world-class web hosting environment, then you must consider some factors:

  • Ensure that the server has sufficient resources to allocate to your customers.
  • You can have your choice of operating system.
  • The reseller service should offer SSL certificates, email accounts, daily backups, and automatic website migration.

Technical Assistance

Every customer wants 24/7 support and prompt replies in any kind of business, which helps in the smooth receipt and processing of complaints from the client. Taking this into account, the reseller hosting provider must offer excellent technical support to you and your clients.

Most of all, in a reseller hosting business, all the crucial back-office tasks are handled by the parent web hosting provider.

Thus, before selecting a reseller hosting provider, evaluate their technical support. See whether they can offer different ways to get to them. For example, email, phone, or live chat. Find out if they work 24*7, or outsource technical support, and what type of technical assistance they provide, specifically at midnight.

Moreover, check how fast and effective their technical support is.

Timely Maintenance

The parent reseller hosting provider must be able to manage regular hardware configuration, server maintenance, and software updates and efficiently apply security precautions.

To assure 24*7 up-and-running servers, the parent hosting provider must implement DDoS mitigation services, customized firewall configuration, and malware scanners.

Customizable Plans

The requirements of every business or customer is unique; therefore, as a reseller, you must sell customized plans. Every plan must have defined bandwidth, disk space, and email accounts, along with several domains.

Before personalizing the plans, you should predict the expansion of your clientele. Additionally, it’s your responsibility to keep the target audience of your business in mind. These factors will help you evaluate the bandwidth or storage capacity that your customer’s website might need.

To meet the demands of your customers, find out whether your parent web host offers customizable plans. This will help in aligning the services according to the needs of your customers. Also, find out if your parent host provides the upgrade facility. Several customers might grow in the long run; in such a case, you’re required to upgrade their packages.

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We’re hopeful that these key considerations will give the right direction to your search for the right reseller hosting provider. When making the final decision, evaluate all these pointers. They’ll make sure that you choose an affordable and reliable reseller hosting partner that’s aligned with the specific needs of your business and plans for the future.

If you still have any concerns or questions related to this blog, please mention them in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to help you!


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