Is Bachelor of Agriculture Marketable in Kenya


Bachelor of Agriculture may not give you a direct job, it’s not one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. If you graduate with this course, you’ll end up being jobless for a long time unless you do other courses that will make you more marketable. But in Kenya, every degree course is marketable but it all depends on how you position yourself in the job market.

When admitted for a Bachelor of Agriculture course, you already know that it will not give you a job directly from the university. With that in mind, look for ways of enhancing the program to make it more marketable. The first thing to do is ensure that you work hard and score first class. This will enable you secure graduate trainee position in local institutions. Most companies in Kenya don’t care which course you pursued in undergraduate when recruiting graduate trainees, they employ those who passed exams and train them on the job.

The first class will also enable you get a scholarship for Masters course. You will pursue masters and PhD then later become a lecturer. This is a good career path.

Another path to take is to see which area is marketable. At the moment, computer since is marketable. Start training yourself on coding and software design. You should also learn GIS and Remote Sensing tools. Those skills will help you to secure remote jobs.

Bachelor of Agriculture will also help you get skills to manage your agricultural activities. Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya and nowadays it has money. After graduation there is no need of looking for employment, employ yourself and make money.

List of companies and institutions employing Bachelor of Agriculture Graduates in Kenya

  1. Flower companies
  2. Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development
  3. Elgon Kenya Limited
  4. ILRI
  5. Ujuzi Kilimo
  6. Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN)
  7. Agriculture and Food Authority
  8. org – Kenya Agriculture Reforms & Innovations
  9. KEMRI
  10. IRAF
  11. Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
  12. Nuru International
  13. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service – KEPHIS
  14. Agricultural Development Corporation
  15. One Acre Fund
  16. Farm Africa
  17. National Cereals and Produce Board
  18. Food and Agriculture Organization
  19. Mercy Corps
  20. Syngenta
  21. County Governments

Courses you should do to become more marketable with Bachelor of Agriculture

  • Computer related professions courses
  • Masters & PhD
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • GIS & Remote Sensing courses
  • ACCA
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Management

Top 13 most marketable courses in Kenya

If you have a grade of B+ and above, choose a course in universities far from Nairobi.It’s easy to get admitted for a marketable course in small universities.

Here are the courses more marketable than Bachelor of Agriculture

  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  3. Bachelor of Nursing
  4. Bachelor of Computer Science
  5. Bachelor of Law
  6. Bachelor of Special Needs Education
  7. Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  8. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Structural Engineering
  11. Bachelor of Construction Management
  12. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  13. Bachelor of Architecture


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