Best Degree Courses to Pursue if you Want To Become a Blogger


Bloggers require certain skills especially if one aspire to become a successful online content creator. There are important degree courses suitable for bloggers, they will instill in you the essential knowledge that will help in jumpstarting your career. Before one joins college for advanced education, they should carefully select a program that would boost their chances of surviving in the blogging scene for long.

Here are the best degree courses for bloggers:

  1. Journalism

Journalism is the top most degree course for bloggers. There are specific skills you will earn that other courses won’t provide. Blogging and journalism are intertwined, meaning that they are inseparable. Even if you initially pursued a degree a different course, it’s essential that you enroll for a short course in journalism or a master’s program in the same.

  • Computer related courses

There are several important skills you will learn in class that would help you to achieve a lot as a blogger. For instance, you may be required to hire someone to migrate your site to a new hosting company or employ a person to design and update your website on regular basis. But when you have advanced skills in computer science, you’ll find it easy to perform even advanced tasks related to website design and development.

  • Web design

Another important course for bloggers is web design. When you have such a skill, it will help you to design and manage your website with ease. Web design is among the most popular courses for bloggers as well as journalists.

As a blogger, you can incorporate a section within your blog where you sell your skills to other bloggers.

  • Education

A degree in education is not as rewarding as blogging but it will help you to learn on how to create engaging content. You know, without engaging content, a blog won’t grow. A sizeable number of bloggers started as teachers before shifting to blogging.

  • Hotel Management/tourism/Cooking

Many people are searching for recipe concepts online. This is a special skill which is executed perfectly by those who pursued a career in hotel management/cake baking and cooking.

Tourism is also important because your blog will have a category where you advise on important tourist destinations and all aspects of travel and tourism.

  • Finance/Bachelor of Commerce

One of the best niches in blogging is Finance/Business. When you have a grasp of business terms, money market, finance and general aspects of business, you can easily create fresh content surrounding such topics.

  • Pharmacy/Medicine/Nursing

The most sought after content online are those related to health. When you are a professional health practitioner, it’s easier to disseminate information to your online audience as opposed to those with zero knowledge of health concepts.

Blogs dealing with health matters are extremely popular and earn more than blogs in other niches.

  • Marketing/PR

Marketing/PR will greatly help you to understand your audience and to know how to package the information for the users. Communication skills are important especially when you are building your social media community.

  • Mathematics/Statistics/Engineering

There are specific data analysis skills ordinary bloggers are not conversant with. If you intend to produce graphics and charts, ensure that you possess basic skills in statistics and data analysis.


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