How Kinsta Pays Affiliate Income


When you join Kinsta Affiliate program, earning will be via PayPal. The least amount paid by Kinsta is $50.If the accumulated amount does not add up to $50, Kinsta will carry forward your earnings until the minimum threshold of $50 is arrived.

Kinsta pays 10% for every month for the lifetime of a customer. Assuming a customer pays $300 monthly, the amount you’ll earn until the customer migrates from Kinsta is $30 every month. If by chance your total number of customers is 10 and each pays $200, you make $200 every month.

The %10 is for the basic plans.In case you bring a big customer who joins the Enterprise plan,you’ll make up to $500 per sign up.

Kinsta has an affiliate dashboard where you see your statistics. The dashboard looks like this:

Kinsta affiliate dashboard

You have two options of marketing Kinsta products: through banner placement or sharing the link on your blogs. Sharing the link is the most appropriate way of marketing because of high conversion rate.

The banner sizes currently available:

  • 300×600
  • 240×240
  • 600×300
  • 468×60
  • 728×90
  • 300×250

To join Kinsta affiliate program, follow this link

Make sure you also register with Paypal so as to receive your income. You only need your personal details for registration.


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