Number of hours a blogger should Work in a Day to Become Successful


As a blogger you should set the minimum number of working hours to spend on your blog per day. Blogging is like any other job where discipline is key. If you resolve to become a blogger,8-12 hours are the most ideal for one to become successful. But there are several factors that determine how many hours in a day one should set aside. One of the factors is whether he is doing it full or part time. A blogger who is doing blogging on part time basis will certainly work less than 8 hours but for one whose source of income relies heavily on blogging must dedicate more time into the venture.

The amount of time you spend on blogging also depends on your niche. If you are on news niche, you have to update your readers almost every hour, which means that working hours must be from 8 a.m to 5 p.m or even more depending on available information that day. For less active niche like SEO and health, you can spend less than 8 hours.

 Another factor to put into consideration is the number of blogs one operates. We have bloggers who own more than one blog which they have to update on daily basis. Such people spend up to 16 hours per day. But if one owns not more than one blog, the time spent should be less.

The stage in life of a blog also contributes to the number of hours one blogs in a day. A new blog must be updated regularly so as to gain more visitor and organic traffic, hence more hours spent on it, but one that has been in the industry for years doesn’t have to be updated every hour. Authority blog have enough organic traffic such that even if they are not updated on daily basis, they will still attract significant number of visitors.

There are bloggers who choose to employ editors. In this case, the owner takes less hours on their blog. But experience shows that when the owner spends more time on their blog, growth curve is steep. It’s only the owner who carries the vision of their blog.

Generally, if you want to be successful as a blogger, the minimum time you should spend on your blog in a day is 6 hours. I am one of the seasoned bloggers, I operate 5 bloggers and almost each blog is updated daily. I spend an average of 9 hours a day. I also know other bloggers who spend up to 12 hours on their blogs. Ideally, it’s not possible to spend 1 or 2 hours a day on your blog and expect to compete equally with someone who spends 12 hours on their blog.

Blogging is not like selling in a shop, here you must put extra efforts, ensure that your site is regularly updated and also interesting to the readers. This is only possible when you spend more time on your blog. I would suggest that if you have another job, employ someone to update your site daily so that it can grow. The time you spend on your blog is extremely important.


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