3 Best Foreign Webhosting Companies for Kenyan Bloggers


There are three foreign webhosting companies which are best for Kenyan bloggers, almost every blogger in Kenya is hosting with them. If you are bored with local hosting companies, choose one of the three companies and your problems will be over.

New bloggers always go for Kenyan hosting companies but after sometime and with lots of frustrations, they end up searching for foreign webhosting companies.

In Kenya, the most popular webhosting companies are, Safaricom, Kenya Website Experts, Truehost, Sasa Host, Host Pinnacle and Movehost but almost all these companies don’t own servers, at one time hosting with them will be frustrating. One trick they do is that they buy reseller plans from companies like Bluehost, then subdivide the hosting space and sell to Kenyans. Instead of going for Kenyan companies, purchase hosting space from the three companies below;

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost has found itself into the hearts of many Kenyan bloggers. The good thing about this company is that it’s cheap and extremely reliable. In 2019 more than 90% of Kenyan bloggers who were interviewed confirmed that they prefer foreign hosting companies, majority of them named Bluehost as their preferred hosting company.

Bluehost offers cheap hosting services, one will host with as little as Ksh 275 per month which translates to less than Ksh3,000 per year. The company also gives 30-day money back guarantee to everyone who joins them for the first time. If you pay for hosting services, you can apply for a refund when you find their services not appealing. Bluehost has this arrangement because they know that once you join them, the services won’t disappoint.

To buy hosting plan, visit Bluehost via this link and create an account. Then select Starter plan that costs Ksh275 or Ksh395 depending on the period of the year. During special offers, Bluehost charges Ksh275 for the starter plan but during normal occasions, their basic plan goes for Ksh 395 per month.

There are 4 main plans by Bluehost

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is for bloggers with WordPress sites only, shared hosting is for people with small and medium websites,VPS and Dedicated Servers are for big websites.

For blogs with less than 300,000 visits per month, host with shared hosting plans (Click here to buy the plan)

For blogs with traffic of less than 3 million visits per month, host with VPS and WordPress plans (Click here to buy the plan)

For blogs with more than 1 million visits per month, go for Dedicated Server plans (Click here to buy the plan)

Bluehost also gives you free SSL certificate to protect your website.

If you have more than 1 website, the company will allow you to host them in a single package

  • Kinsta

I personally use Kinsta because it’s the best WordPress Managed Hosting company in the world. Before I discovered Kinsta,I had moved to three hosting companies which disappointed me.

If you move your website to Kinsta,it means that you will be hosting alongside me.I can’t recommend what I am not comfortable with. My excitement is beyond measure because I am super comfortable.

For those who own websites which have grown to the extent of not being accommodated in Kenya, move them to Kinsta.Never accept the advice of hosting with a Dedicated Server for the Kenyan hosting companies. None of the hosting companies in Kenya offer 100% dedicated Server services.

Kinsta charges as little as Ksh 3,000 per month, the billing is based on unique monthly visitors. You can decide to pay every month,6 months or pay every year, two years or three years. Payment is done via credit card. If your ATM card is VISA or MasterCard enabled, then you are allowed to pay with it.

To start hosting, click here to create and account, choose the appropriate hosting plan and make the payment.

The most appropriate plan is Pro Plan which costs Ksh 6,000 every month.

If you own a popular WordPress website, I recommend Kinsta over any other hosting company.

The best thing, just like Bluehost, is that Kinsta offers 30-day money back guarantee.

All websites being hosted by Kinsta load at blazing speed. You will realize that when you move your site to Kinsta,the loading speed increases by 200%.

If you want to host with Kinsta,click here to buy a plan

  • Cloudways

Cloudways has a free trial version of one month, thereafter you can decide whether to pay for hosting or not. While Kinsta bills per month, Cloudways bills per month or daily.

The cheapest plan for Cloudways is Ksh 1000 per month. But the best thing is that your website will be safe, load fast and remain online 24/7

Cloudways is suitable for small and medium blogs,it’s also ideal for blogs which receive traffic spikes.You can check all the plans via this link


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