Is Lifestyle Niche good for Kenyan Bloggers


There are over 25 niches to blog on in Kenya and lifestyle is one of them. Any blogger who’s planning to start blogging wonders whether lifestyle niches are good for Kenyan bloggers. According to me, lifestyle is one of the most profitable niches in Kenya. This is one blog which most bloggers have not given attention.

The sad thing is that there is no single website that’s fully dedicated to providing news on lifestyle. I still believe this area is not fully utilized.

Lifestyle blog should not only feature stories on clothes and shoes, it should have the following list of stories:

  • Houses
  • Mobile phones
  • Latest music and trends
  • Travel
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment joints
  • Laptops
  • Games
  • Hobbies
  • Recipe
  • Parenting

There are several topics you can cover under lifestyle blog. I believe if you’ll earn up to Ksh 3 million per month.

How to create a lifestyle blog

We had earlier posted an article on how to create a WordPress blog and start making money from it. Read the following article and carefully follow the steps:

The capital for starting a lifestyle blog

You need between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 30,000 to start a lifestyle blog. Most of the money will be spent on hosting and buying a template for your blog. Premium templates are the best.

Sometimes, bloggers spend less than Ksh 5,000 as capital especially those who understand how to create a blog from scratch.

How to make money from your lifestyle blog in Kenya

There are many ways to make money from a lifestyle blog. One is by registering for Amazon or Jumia affiliate program where you market the companies’ products and earn commission.

With a blog that earns 1,000 to 10,000 daily visits, you’ll earn not less than Ksh50,000 per month.

You will also make money from AdSense. AdSense is a program owned by Google where almost every blogger signs up and start making money online. With AdSense, you’ll earn passive income amounting to upwards of Ksh 20,000 every month. As long as your blog attracts readers, you’ll always earn money.

You will also earn through sponsored articles. Every company wanting to promote their products online will send an article for posting on your blog. But sponsored articles will only be available when your blog becomes an authority. If you work hard until the site rises to position 100 and above in Kenya, you’ll attract the attention of marketers.

For me, sponsored articles are the best because of what they yield. I charge Ksh10,000 to Ksh100,000 per article. If I get 5 articles per month, that translates to over Ksh50,000 in one month.

Direct banners. You will also make money from direct banners. Several companies will place banners on your site and pay every month. One banner costs Ksh10,000 to Ksh500,000 per month depending on the authority of your blog.

When you have as many direct banners as possible, there is no need of monetizing with AdSense or MGID.

Finally, you can sell your own products on your site. This is the best way to make money from fashion and lifestyle blog. If you own a boutique, salon or travel agency, your site will provide the best platform to sell the products.

Amount of money you can make from the site

The profit depends on your efforts, the more your effort the higher the profit.If you are using AdSense, the income depends on amount of traffic and CPC.Here are the estimated profits based on traffic:

1,000 to 10,000 visits—Ksh 5,000

20,000 visits—Ksh 10,000

50,0000 visits—Ksh 20,000

100,000 visits—Ksh 40,000

300,000 visits—Ksh 70,000

500,000 visits—Ksh 120,000

1 million visits—Ksh 200,000

3 million visits—Ksh 400,000

Your target is to get over 100,000 page views every month. If you manage above 1 million page views, you’ll walk home rich and famous.

But I prefer that you make money through sponsored articles and direct advertisements.1 million page views will generate over Ksh 500,000 every month.


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