Kenyan bloggers Lack Content To Post, It’s all about Copying Each Other


Sometimes I get bored when I read Kenyan blogs, majority of them have nothing useful to read Whether it’s Tuko, Ghafla, Mpasho, Kenyans etc, you’ll find that they contain duplicate content. Their editors are too lazy to do thorough research and come up with original and unique content.

Apart from the likes of Bikozulu, Business Today, Cyprian Nyakundi, The Star, Nation and Standard, many other blogs are just useless. I respect Cyprian Nyakundi because he has tried to be unique and original. At least when I open his blog, I must get something worth reading.

One peculiar habit which puts me completely off is when a blogger starts something unique, others immediately notice that he is making positive steps, they all shift towards his direction. Blogs like Tuko will immediately instruct their editors to post content similar to what is in that blog. Within a limited time, all blogs would have exhausted the content that is being covered by the new blog. It’s saddening that there’s nothing unique you can do in Kenya as a blogger without being exhaustively copied. Out of jealous, other bloggers will leave what they are doing and camp on your site to copy your content.

Sometimes I wonder, what is the need of sites like Tuko employing so many editors yet they don’t do unique content. The editors just camp on other websites, immediately they see a trending story, they pick it and post on Tuko News. These guys can’t even post anything which has never been posted online.

Lack of useful content has made millions of Kenyans not to read certain blogs, they have instead resolved to follow pages for celebrities and certain bloggers for information. This has also led to a drop in AdSense CPC. Due to duplicate content, the CPC for various keywords has reduced drastically across niches; you will not find a keyword with more than Ksh5, almost all of them are worth Ksh1 per keyword. About 5 years ago,I used to earn up to Ksh50 per keywords, not anymore. The significant drop in revenues from AdSense is the reason I chose to drop the Google platform.

The problem I have is that I can’t multitask at the Moment I could have started a blog that talks about real estate, or mortgage and finance, but I fear akina Tuko will steal my content and run with it. In the meantime, let me concentrate with blogging and web hosting content.