Categories or Sections Every New Blog Must Have


When you are structuring a new blog, there are categories or sections the blog must have. These categories are important because they enhance your blog’s SEO as well as help Google determine what type of traffic it sends to your site.

Without important categories like, “about us”, your blog may not be discovered. It might take up to 2 years for it to be indexed.

Such categories are also important when applying for Google AdSense. When you are applying, Google bots will try to crawl your website to determine whether it will be fit for AdSense. If there is scanty information about it, your blog will be rejected.

Here is a list of sections every blog must have:


Contacts are the most important content for any blog. When someone wants to advertise, raise a complaint or make a comment about your blog, they will move direct to your contact section. This section is important because it helps you to know what people think about you through their emails or calls they make.

.About Us

Never create a blog and publish it without including “about us” section. This section will greatly help Google to index your site. Before all categories of the blog are indexed, the first category Google and other search engines will index is the “about us”.

You can omit all other sections but don’t ignore about us category. This should be a stand-alone page or category which displays your contacts and what your blog is about.

  • Advertise

Another category which is very very very important is the “Advertise” section. This section may not be useful when the blog is new but as it becomes popular, companies and individuals would be contacting you for advertisements. Most of them will search how to advertise on your blog and it will be to your advantage if the section is available on your blog.

The ultimate aim of owning a blog is to make money. If the advertise section is not available, then it will be worthless to amass so much traffic without earning reasonable income. The adverts will only come when people will be able to contact you through the “advertise” section

  • Home Page

The home page must appear on your blog. This will bear all your latest content. People will be searching for a particular information and after getting done with reading, they will move to home page to see latest information. By having home page, you’ll increase visitors’ time on the website which will translate to more income and better ranking.

Home page should be linked to the domain name of your blog and should contain latest articles from all the categories.

  • Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy helps your visitors to know whether you collect their personal details or not. There are readers who are sensitive, who would like to know whether by visiting your blog, their details will be captured.

This page is not as important as “about us” and “advertise” but is good to have it.

When someone knows that the site does not capture important personal details, they will be free to visit it again and again.


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