Sasa Host Kenya Web Hosting Promotion: Get 12% Discount on Your First Year


Sasa Host is running a promotion where every new client will get 12% discount on every plan they purchase. The promotion started in January 2020 and will run until Black Friday of 2020.

The affected plans are:

  • Basic Web Hosting, 
  • Enterprise/Corporate Hosting,
  • Managed and Self-Managed VPS Hosting,
  • Managed and Self-Managed Dedicated Servers.

Each of the plans you buy above will be discounted by 12%. Assuming that you buy Persona Hosting plan that costs Ksh 2,500 per year, it means that you will pay Ksh 300 less.

Every new client is also required to present a promotion code so as to get the discount. The promotion code is Sasahost@12

After the 12% discount elapses, you will be charged normal prices, but the good thing is that Sasa Host does not have hidden charges—what is indicated on their website is what you will pay for hosting. You will also be required to renew your domain name annually.