Tuko News Ranked the Best in Terms of Videos in Kenya


Tuko News has been ranked the best blog for Videos in Kenya for the year 2020.Over the past 3 years, the blog has been producing videos but were not quite impressive until 2019 when Kenyans started falling in love with the video. One thing that impresses many Kenyans is the fact that every video that’s produced by Tuko captures the minds of Kenyans, it’s what we want to watch.

Every single video uploaded by Tuko on social media attracts over 3 million views, sometimes the views clock 20 million. The videos captures testimonies, fraud, marriages, education and business.

It’s evident from what Tuko is producing that the company has surpassed Citizen TV,NTV and KTN in terms of videos and the future certainly looks bright for Tuko.

As of 2018 Pulselive Kenya and Citizen TV had the best video but since 2019 Tuko has been giving them a run for their money and eventually managed to leapfrog them to become the best video production blog in Kenya.

If Tuko continues this way,they will attract hundreds of advertisers. The blog will charge up to Ksh 5 million per video.