List of Well Designed Blogs in Kenya


There are blogs you open and admire their designs, well organized and magnificent. Such blogs are carefully designed to give a perfect impression to the readers. Some blogs have web designers who know how to build websites via coding while others have opted for premium WordPress themes.

One of the best designed blogs is Tuko which has special designed blog. Tuko has full time employees who develop the blog and do necessary changes from time to time. The website does not use the usual premium WordPress themes.

It’s good to know that first impression counts anywhere, even in blogging. A good looking blog will attract more readers and retain them than a poor one. Speed is also important in boosting the SEO of a website.

Here is a list of the best and well-designed blogs in Kenya:

  1. Tuko News

Tuko News uses a special template which is developed from scratch. Its design is tailored to suit advertisers demands; it’s also easy to navigate and captures the most essential content on the front page.

A reader can also be able to see the total views per story, the most popular stories and the most shared. There is also a section for Swahili stories.

Tuko News website link:

  • Standard Media

Standard Media is owned by Standard Media Group. The blog provides information on what’s contained in the Standard Newspaper and latest news from around the globe. Standard Media is not only easy to navigate but also one of the fastest loading websites in Kenya.

Standard Media website does not use the usual WordPress Themes, they have developed their own theme which is light and attractive.

Standard Media link:

  • Nation

Nation is the oldest blog in Kenya. The website has over 200,000 stories archived. Of all the websites in Kenya, I like reading Nation because it’s simple, light, easy to navigate and attractive. Nation is also very professional.

Most of the stories in the Nation Newspaper are also found in the Nation blog.

Just like Tuko and Standard, Nation’s theme is developed by the company’s web designers.

Nation website link:

  • Ghafla

Ghafla is the best entertainment website in Kenya. One reason why most people read Ghafla is because of its magnificent display of content. The blog uses EasyWeb WordPress theme which costs around Ksh6,000.

Ghafla is also light and attractive for readers. Any reader will easily navigate through stories and consume any content they are interested in.

Ghafla website link:

  • K24 TV/PD

K24TV and PD are owned by Mediamax Network Limited. The blog is developed by website experts. The two blogs use the same theme. Any reader will navigate through stories with ease. The adverts are also strategically positioned and don’t interrupt readers.

Readers are also able to stream live K24 TV while navigating through K24 website.

K24 TV website link:


Business Today uses Newsbeat WordPress theme which is a premium theme that retails at Ksh 5,999. The blog looks extremely attractive and professional and it’s because of that that most Kenyans directly search for Business Today for information. The theme is light and easy to load.

Business today mimics Business Daily Africa and it has been well received by Kenyans. The blog talks about business, education careers and stories surrounding media.

Currently, Business today is ranked among top 100 most popular blogs in Kenya.

Business Today website like:


If you want to read the best stories about business in Kenya, don’t go far, go straight to Business Daily Africa. The colours used by the blog are excellent, which make the stories even more interesting. Though the site does not load as fast as Tuko News and Standard Media, it’s content will make you get glued to it for hours.

Business Daily Africa website link:


Citizen TV also has excellent design. The categories in the website are also structured in such a way that every visitor will find it easy to navigate through and read any story they were looking for.The developers of this website did not disappoint.

One of the best thing about this blog is that you can stream live Citizen TV news.

Citizen TV does not use the premium WordPress themes,the company’s website is developed from scratch by coding.

Citizen TV website link:

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