Best Keywords for New Bloggers in India 2020


If you are a new Indian blogger, there are keywords you should write about and start getting traffic on your website. The keywords are usually long tail, which means that more than 2 games are combined to form a tittle that will be searched online.

If you are able to write about these 100 keywords, you’ll attract over 10,000 page views every month. After exhausting the keywords listed in this article, you should use SEMRush SEO tool to get more keywords. Subscribe for the 7-day free trials to get all the keywords you need. Click here to sign up for free

If you want your articles to go viral, make sure that they are long enough and are shared on social media. They should also not be copied from other sites. Use your own knowledge to create fresh content.

Here is a list of top keywords for Indian bloggers for the year 2020:

  1. Highest paying jobs in India
  2. Best job portals in India
  3. Top universities in India
  4. Best degree programmes to study in India 2020
  5. Top cricket players in India
  6. Richest people in India
  7. Richest bloggers in India
  8. Top Law schools in India
  9. Best Cancer Hospitals in India
  10. Best referral hospitals in India
  11. Salaries of lawyers in India
  12. Salary of Teachers in India
  13. Airtel India call rates
  14. How to make money online in India
  15. Top lawyers in India
  16. Best heart disease hospitals in India
  17. Best Neurosurgeons in India
  18. Best business to do in India in 2020
  19. Richest cricket players in India
  20. Best movies to watch in India
  21. Richest bloggers in India
  22. Cheapest smartphones in India
  23. Best smartphones in India
  24. Best online stores in India
  25. Who is the richest man in India?
  26. Best fuel consumption cars to buy in India
  27. Price of iPhone in India
  28. Price of Samsung in India
  29. Most expensive cars in India
  30. Best laptops to buy in India
  31. Best family lawyers in India
  32. Cost of DNA test in India
  33. Best hospitals for DNA tests in India
  34. Where to buy Bitcoin in India
  35. Cost of starting a website in India
  36. Best house designs in India
  37. Most beautiful houses in India
  38. Fees Structure for Universities in India
  39. Cheapest universities in India
  40. How to start a business in India
  41. India’s population 2020
  42. What is the price of Pitbull in India
  43. Most popular websites in India 2020
  44. Best paying banks in India
  45. Bank interests in India
  46. Tax rates in India
  47. Best SEO tools for Indian bloggers
  48. How to get American Visa
  49. Best betting sites in India
  50. Salaries of government employees in India

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