Average Price of Designing a Website in Kenya


The average cost of designing a website in Kenya is Ksh 10,000. However, some companies will charge more than this figure especially if you want designs for e-commerce or dating sites which require payment integration.

Designing a website involves creating a general WordPress CMS, then linking it with a domain. The template used will hold your content.

You can minimize the cost by buying a domain name yourself, then paying for web design services. Domain registration costs Ksh 1,100 at Bluehost.You can buy the domain via this link. Then look for an experienced web designer to do a website for you. But the web designer would want you to pay for hosting first. Instead of being charged expensively, go for shared hosting plans by Bluehost, you will pay Ksh 4,000 per year. Click here to buy the plan

The total cost of buying a domain name and paying for webhosting is Ksh 6,000 per year. Once you have bought the two, you’ll now want a website designed for you. It’s important to seek for services of an experienced web designer. If you can’t get one, then contact us on hostingvoice@gmail.com. We will design a decent website based on your taste with a premium WordPress theme. We won’t charge you more than Ksh20,000 for this service. If the design is simple, we will only charge Ksh10,000.

One thing we must do is to ensure the theme used is a premium one. The free themes are not good for SEO.

Designing a website will take us 3-5 days. If you pay on Monday, expect the work to be complete by Thursday.

For dating and e-commerce sites, the cost might shoot to Ksh30,000. Some web design companies charge as high as Ksh 100,000 to design a single website. Such websites need to be secured—they also need payment methods like MPESA to be integrated within the website.

There are some webhosting companies which do web design, one of them is Kenya Website Experts. The company will charge you Ksh2,100 for hosting a website for one year and Ksh 13,000 to Ksh25,000 for website design. But it’s a good company for anyone who needs cheap hosting services in Kenya.

Before you pay for website design services in Kenya, make sure that the company you are engaging is credible. If possible, engage a web hosting company like Kenya Website Experts. Some individuals will design a website and ensure that they regularly hack it and demand money to restore the site. Others will charge exorbitantly and develop basic websites without features like https and advertisement spaces.

Never pay more than Ksh20,000 for web design services,the average price should be Ksh10,000.There are companies which charge as little as Ksh5,000.


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