How Long Does it Take To Write a Blog Post


The time one takes to write a blog post depends on many factors, but an average blog post from an experienced blogger takes 30 minutes to write.

The length of a blog post greatly influences on the time it takes to write a post. For instance, if a post is 1,000 words, one will take approximately 40 minutes to write and 5 minutes to proof read for spelling mistakes. There are also posts which require some research, these ones can take up to 4 hours to write.

The experience of the writer also matters. For my case, if I am writing about a topic which I am passionate about, I would take minimum time to complete. A post of 1,500 words will take 20 minutes to write. There are topics I am not excited about and I can take even two hours to complete writing a 1000-word article.

Bloggers with above 2 years’ experience will write faster than those who are just starting. There are even bloggers who can write an article of 3,000 words in 1 hour.

Based in the number of words for each article, here is the time it would take to complete writing one article:

100 words—5 minutes

300 words—7 minutes

500 words—20 minutes

1,000 words—40 minutes

1,500 words—1 hour

2,000 words—1 hour 30 minutes

3,000 words—2 hours

Articles with many images take shorter time to write while those with mathematical formulae and graphs take the longest time.

The more experience you gain, the fewer the time you take to write an article.

The ideal blog post should have 500 to 1,500 words. It’s known by bloggers that search engines rank long articles better than the short ones.


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