Most Popular Keywords for Nigerian Bloggers


There are popular keywords for Nigerian bloggers which almost every new blogger should know. If you write about these keywords, your blog must attract over 10,000 page views everyday.

The first thing you should know as a blogger is how to use the right keywords. This is what separates successful bloggers and those who are still struggling to break even. Luckily, tools like SEMRush have helped some bloggers to learn about the most popular keywords and how to write keywords that are friendly to search engines. If you are an upcoming blogger, sign up for SEMRush SEO tool here for free, then learn which keywords are trending among other bloggers.

We will not feature every keyword, but those which will generate the most traffic for your site. Here are the most popular keywords in Nigeria you should write about:

  1. Richest People in Nigeria
  2. Richest women in Nigeria
  3. Highest paying jobs in Nigeria
  4. Highest paying careers in Nigeria
  5. How to make money online in Nigeria
  6. Best business to start in Nigeria
  7. Best smartphones in Nigeria
  8. Banks with cheapest interest rates in Nigeria
  9. Best banks in Nigeria
  10. Best bloggers in Nigeria 2020
  11. Best lawyers in Nigeria
  12. Best musicians in Nigeria
  13. Best law firms in Nigeria
  14. Best hospitals in Nigeria
  15. Best university courses in Nigeria
  16. Cheapest Universities in Nigeria
  17. Tax rates in Nigeria
  18. Best oil companies to work for in Nigeria
  19. Best betting companies in Nigeria
  20. List of betting companies in Nigeria
  21. Nigeria professor’s salaries
  22. Salaries of Nurses/Doctors in Nigeria
  23. How to get American Visa in Nigeria
  24. Process of registering a company in Nigeria
  25. Divorce process in Nigeria
  26. How to Adopt a child in Nigeria
  27. Cost of DNA Tests in Nigeria
  28. Best house Designs in Nigeria
  29. Best location to buy land in Nigeria
  30. Best job blogs in Nigeria
  31. Most visited blogs in Nigeria
  32. Richest Bloggers in Nigeria
  33. How to become rich in Nigeria
  34. Best business to start in Nigeria without capital
  35. How to import goods from China to Nigeria
  36. Cheapest estates to live in Lagos
  37. Cheapest estates to live in Abuja
  38. Population per tribe in Nigeria
  39. Richest pastors in Nigeria
  40. Best Nigerian movies of all time
  41. Trending songs in Nigeria
  42. Best engineering companies in Nigeria
  43. Tribes with the most beautiful women in Nigeria
  44. Tribes with the most handsome men in Nigeria
  45. Richest footballers in Nigeria
  46. Football predictions in Nigeria
  47. Best site for football predictions
  48. Livescore
  49. Best cancer hospitals in Nigeria
  50. Governor’s salary in Nigeria
  51. Nigeria President’s salary
  52. How to make fake money in Nigeria
  53. How to know fake and genuine money
  54. Cost of constructing a house in Nigeria
  55. How to save money in Nigeria
  56. How to invest money in Nigeria

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