What You Should Do If Your Blog is not Growing


What exactly do you do if you find that your blog is not growing no matter the number of blog posts you writer per day? Well, there are many important things you can do to ensure the blog does not stagnate.

It’s normal that a blog might reach a point where it doesn’t grow. This mostly happens when readers find your content not useful or the blog simply reaches growth ceiling. As a blogger, you should not give up, do everything to ensure that traffic numbers start rising again.

It happened to me in 2017, three years after enjoying massive growth. I was worried until I contemplated quitting blogging. But after reading testimonies of successful bloggers, I realized I wasn’t alone. This is what I did to spur growth of my blog.

  1. Update archive posts

Most bloggers write articles, post and forget about them. It reaches a point when fresh articles from other bloggers rank better than yours–this contributes to decline in your blog’s traffic.

It’s important that you regularly monitor the ranking of each of your blogs online, if you find that it has dropped, then go ahead and add fresh content to it and repost. To check the ranking, you can use SEMRush SEO tool, sign up for free here.

Sometimes Google can remove some of your posts from the search results but after you repost, they reappear.

  • Change the WordPress template

WordPress template may also contribute to the poor performance of your blog especially if it’s free. The best thing to do is to buy a premium WordPress template which is light and SEO friendly. Changing the template may work magic for you.

  • Share regularly on social media

A blog may become less famous if the owner does not share new articles. Owning Facebook and Twitter pages where you share regularly will boost your traffic.

  • Change hosting company

Another factor which some of you may find strange is the type of hosting company you are hosting your site. The company might be limiting you such that if you exceed the resources allocated, it suspends the site. If your site is suspended regularly, Google will find it not user friendly and eventually start ranking it poorly. This happened to me three years ago when my site lost thousands of visitors because of being suspended regularly. You see, almost every site I won becomes viral and at some point I am told to upgrade my plan. But my previous hoster would find it fit to suspend it without even notifying me.I later migrated to Kinsta,the best Managed WordPress Hosting company in the world.Currently,all my sites are hosted by Kinsta and I am comfortable with that. What I find interesting about Kinsta is that no matter how many visitors visit my sites, there is no single time they have suspended them. Instead of suspending, they simply charge me for the extra resources used.

Kinsta has several plans, including one that costs $30 per month. I can assure you that you won’t regret after moving to this great company—I am there and I know. I like the fact that the loading speed of my blog improved by 200%. If you are tired of your current hosting company, move to Kinsta, they will migrate your sites for free. Kinsta has 30-day money back guarantee which allows you to use their services for 30 days and if you find them not fit, request for a refund. Click here to learn more

  • Do thorough SEO
  • SEO involve the following:
  • Use of the right keywords
  • Look for more backlinks
  • Make your site light and fast to load
  • Minimize the number of adverts

You can learn more about SEO by using SEMRush SEO tool. There is a 7-day free trial plan for everyone. Sign up here

  • Enable comments

Some people prefer interactions. By enabling comments, the time spent on site will increase and some readers will also visit your site regularly to read fresh stories and comments.

  • Post regularly

If you don’t post regularly, there is no way you can expect your blog to grow. Previously, if you were posting ones a week, start posting at least ones a day. The more articles your blog has the more the traffic it attracts.

  • Chance the niche

It might chance that people are not excited about your niche anymore. Here online, readers also have their taste, there is a time they prefer something over another thing. For instance, people might read more stories on politics during election period, then move to gadgets during festive season. The best thing to do as a blogger, is to change with time. If you realize that readers have moved, move with them.

  • Advertise your blog

It’s also important to advertise your blog, maybe there are people who have never heard about it and would be more than ready to visit the site once they come to know about it.Set aside some cash for adverts. A budget of $1000 is enough. You can pay for sponsored posts or banner advertisements.


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