Fastest Loading Blogs in Kenya


If you want your website to load faster, first you should change your hosting company. There are specific Kenyan blogs that load extremely fast despite using AdSense. One reason why such websites load so fast is because of the hosting company they are using.

Fastest loading websites take less than 3 seconds to load. The beauty of having a fast loading site is that it always ranks higher than the slow website. Google uses loading speed to rank blogs because of user experience.

Some of the fastest loading websites in Kenya are hosted by the famous Kinsta web hosting company. Kinsta uses Google servers to host websites. The speed of the sites is equivalent to the speed of Google. You can check Kinsta hosting plans here

Here is a list of the fastest loading blogs in Kenya:

  1. Capital FM

Capital FM blog takes just 1.66 seconds to load. The blog is hosted by Access Kenya. Capital FM is owned by Chris Kirubi and it attracts more than 3 million visits every month.

  • Venas News

Venas News is another blog which loads with blazing speed especially when there are few adverts. Without adverts, it loads below 1 second but when adverts are involved, it takes up to 2.65 seconds to load.

Venas News is hosted by Kinsta.You can also host your site with Kinsta and achieve this speed. Click here to visit Kinsta website

  • Tuko

Tuko takes 1.94 seconds to load. When adverts are not available, it takes less than 1 second to load.1.94 is an excellent score because websites with similar number of adverts take up to 20 seconds to load.

Tuko News which is associated with Legit Nigeria is hosted by Amazon servers.

  • Victor Matara

Victor Matara takes 2.16 seconds to load.The website uses Ezoic adverts which slow down the loading speed, otherwise without adverts, it will load in less than 1 second.

Victor Matara is also hosted by Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting company. Kinsta is ranked the best because of loading speed, security and customer service (create free account)

The company has a 30-day money back guarantee for new clients. Top bloggers from around the world are hosting their blogs with Kinsta.

  • Standardmedia

Standardmedia is the second most popular blog in Kenya, it’s owned by Standard Media Group. The website is hosted in USA and supported by CloudFlare.Cloudflare prevents websites from being hacked

 The blog’s loading speed is 1.98 seconds.

  • Nation

Nation is the most optimized blog in Kenya. The website takes 985 ms to load, which is the best speed so far among Kenyan blogs. Nation is the most popular blog in Kenya with over 34 million page views per month.

Nation’s servers are located in Chicago, USA.

The blog uses coded template, unlike Venas News, Victor Matara and Capital FM which use WordPress Premium templates.

  • Nairobi Wire

Nairobi Wire is one of the oldest blogs in Kenya.It offers unique stories in the entertainment industry. The blog loads in 1.65 seconds and it’s hosted in USA.

Nairobi Wire is one of the few entertainment blogs which have remained afloat despite the entry of the likes of Tuko News.

  • Pulselive Kenya

Pulselive Kenya was purposely created to compete with Tuko and Ghafla but the blog has failed to live up to the expectation. Currently, over 4 million Kenyans visit the site.

Pulselive’s loading speed is 1.73.

Among the slowest websites in Kenya include, Business Today which loads in 15 seconds, Ghafla which loads in 10 minutes, Daily Post Kenya with a loading speed of 13 seconds and Citizen TV which loads in 3.75 seconds.

For a website to load faster, it should have few adverts, use light template, host in a good web hosting company with better servers and also use light images.