List of Education Blogs in Kenya


There are specific blogs which feature education stories. Education articles attract massive number of readers and it’s because even top sites like Daily Nation, Standardmedia and tuko mostly feature education stories.

Apart from news, entertainment and politics niches, education is an extremely popular niche which almost every new blog focuses on.

If you want to read articles on education, career tips, courses and fees structure, the blogs listed below will guide you. The best education blog is Kenyaplex which receives over 2 million visits per month. The blog has been inexistence for more than 6 years and it’s one that has the best education content in the country.

Below are the websites with education content in Kenya:

Study in Kenya(

Kenyaplex (


Information Cradle(

Advance Africa(

Venas News(

Victor Matara(

Tuko News(



There are still more opportunities for new education blogs in Kenya.If you want to start a new blog, this is the right niche to venture in.All you need is Ksh 10,000 to register a domain name, pay for hosting and website design. Registration of a domain and payment of web hosting services will cost you Ksh6,000 at Bluehost.Most companies will charge you Ksh5,000 to Ksh10,000 to design a website. To register a domain at Bluehost, follow this link

You will make money through sponsored posts, AdSense, MGID, direct adverts and selling education materials. Bloggers in this niche make up to Ksh1 million per month. The AdSense CPC for education niche range between Ksh5 and Ksh100, education has one of the highest CPCs in Kenya.

Your only challenge is to compete with the likes of Tuko,Kenyaplex and Venas News who have posted thousands of articles on education. But with patience, your site will become popular and profitable.


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