Sites with Online Data Entry Jobs in Kenya


Data entry jobs are among the best online jobs for Kenyans. There are specific sites which are known for providing genuine data entry jobs. All you need is to register with the websites and get supplied with data entry jobs.

But for one to be able to perform the work well, they must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Here is a list of sites with data entry jobs in Kenya:

  1. Freeelancer

The first one is which offers numerous opportunities to Kenyans in the area of online writing and data entry.First you need to register,then pick “data entry” as your area of interest.Once you meet their minimum conditions,the company will start sending data entry jobs on regular basis where they pay you.There are several Kenyans who make over Ksh100,000 monthly from

  • Upwork

Upwork links data entry experts to companies offering data entry jobs.The site also offers data entry jobs to qualified Kenyans.

The amount paid per hour range between Ksh500 and Ksh3,000 depending on the amount of work one is able to complete.

  • Ajira

Ajira offers training on data entry and also links data entry experts to recruiters. There are over 20,000 job vacancies available at Ajira Kenya.

  • Writerlabs

Writerlabs offers academic writing jobs for Kenyan graduates. This work can also involve data entry.

This is an established website that has never failed Kenyans. I personally knew about Writerlabs in 2017 after one of my friends mentioned it during a discussion about online jobs.

  • VIP-Writers

VIP writers pays up to Ksh 3,000 per day. Lot of work is given to members which include data entry and academic writing. If you are good in what you do, VIP-writers will pay you up to Ksh300,000 per month.

Data entry jobs are fit for graduates and non-graduates. Even if one only holds a certificate in Microsoft office, they will be allowed to work as long as they are competent enough.

At first you will struggle to adapt but once you are used to work,the pay and speed of completing the work will rise.Eventually,you will earn more than someone going to office on daily basis.


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