Academic Writing Companies in Uganda


Academic writing sites are either created to help graduates get online jobs or students to discover people who can do academic work for them. There are many people in UK, South Africa, USA and many other developed countries who are not able to write academic proposals nor projects, they have to hire experienced writers to do the job. But the good thing is that there are many Ugandans who are able to perform the duties when need be.

Most of the companies in Uganda pay per page, but there are a number of them who pay per hour, per day or when the task is complete.

If you are looking for an online job in Uganda, here is a list of academic writing companies to register with.

  • Upwork

Website link:

This is where you submit your personal and professional details so that the tasks can be sent to you. Several employers will scroll through the profiles and pick the most suitable candidate. The first step is to register, them forward your details.

There are several job vacancies available on Upwork websites.

  • Freelancer

Website link:

Freelancer is known worldwide and it’s one of the most popular academic writing companies in Uganda. More than 2,000 Ugandan graduates have registered with the website and majority of them have benefited before. During registration, you absolutely pay nothing.

  • Truelancer

Website link:

You should also register for free and get work which can earn you up to $50 per hour.

  • Academia Research

Website link:

Academia-Research is an online academic writing and consulting company. Since 2004, it has been helping students to complete their academic work through experienced graduates who perform tasks provided to them.

The company provides a great opportunity for any graduate to register with Academia Research and get several tasks to do. The amount paid is $3 and above per page.

  • Workana

Website link:

Workana is highly professional and popular among content writers. There are many tasks which are presented to the website for registered members to perform. Register today and start getting the jobs.

  • VIP Writers

Website link:

  • Starofservice

Website link:

  • Kolabtree

Website link:


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