Breaking News: Blogger Robert Alai Arrested


News reaching us indicates that blogger Robert Alai has been arrested. The blogger was arrested today morning while taking tea in his house.

The blogger had posted a story narrating how the Kenyan government is lying over corona virus cases in the country. In the article, Alai had posted that 2 Chinese who were in a ship died in Mombasa and the main cause was Corona Virus. He went ahead to state that the government did not disclose that the two had died.

Alai was arrested and taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, he will be presented to court and charged for posting alarming statement. If he is found to be guilt, the blogger will be fined not more than Ksh5 million or jail term of 10 years or both.

The government had warned that whoever posts fake or alarming message on social media will be fined up to Ksh 5 million or get jailed.


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