Jubilee Webhost Uganda Plans and Pricing


Jubilee is the leading webhosting company in Uganda. The company has a total of 5 types of hosting with each type having specific prices for each plan. What excites clients most is that the company offers free hosting for the new clients.

In this article, we are going to outline the prices of each plan, thus helping you to choose the best hosting plan for your website.

Here are the types of hosting offered by Jubilee Webhost Uganda and the pricing for each plan:

Linux Shared Web Hosting

Personal—Ush48,906 per year

Business—Ush99,066 per year

Enterprise—Ush 174,306 per year

Corporate—Ush 425,106 per year

Windows Shared Website Hosting

Personal—Ush94,164 per year

Business—Ush 158,004 per year

Enterprise—Ush 222,163 per year

Corporate—Ush 381,444 per year

Unlimited—Ush 541,044 per year

Powerful Cloud Hosting

Personal—Ush 387,828 per year

Business—Ush510,948 per year

Enterprise—Ush 695,628 per year

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is for WordPress sites only. Jubilee Webhost will ensure that your WordPress site is up to date especially when new updates need to be done. This is only ideal for clients with WordPress sites.

Personal WordPress Lite—Ush 30,210 per year

Business WP Lite—Ush 34,010 per year

Enterprise WP Lite—Ush 37,810 per year

Corporate WP Lite—Ush 45,410 per year

Free Web Hosting For Students

Are you a student pursuing your career in an IT related course and are curious about web hosting? Signup for a free web hosting account and use it to gain more insight into the web design and hosting industry. Simply free web hosting for campusers and high school students!

Completely free web hosting. No Credit Card Required.

100 MB of Pure SSD Storage Space.

20 GB of Monthly Bandwidth / Data Transfer.

1 Website, 1 Email Account, 1 Database and FTP Account.

SSL Certificate to Secure Your Website and Boost Your SEO.

1-Click CloudFlare Activation to Enhance Your Website Speed and Security.

Email Spam Filters to Protect You from the Internet Scam.

EASY TO USE Control Panel (cPanel) to Manage Your Free Web Hosting Account.

FREE SEO & Marketing Tools to Boost Your Search Engine Visibility and Ranking.

450+ Softaculous Web Apps e.g WordPress, Joomla etc Installable with 1 Click.

Linux vs Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is for individuals who are aiming to start webhosting business. Instead of starting from scratch, Jubilee offers them space to host websites for their clients.

Starter—Ush381,444 per year

Standard—Ush 541,044 per year

Pro—Ush 796,404 per year

Advanced—Ush 1,115604 per year

Ultimate—Ush 1,754,004 per year

ASP.NET / Windows Reseller Hosting

Starter—Ush 477,204 per year

Standard—Ush 636,804 per year

Pro—Ush 956,004 per year

Advanced—Ush 1,275,204 per year

Ultimate—Ush 1,913,604 per year

Cloud VPS(Virtual Private Servers)

LX51—Ush 18,810 per month

LX52—Ush 26,410 per month

LX53—Ush49,210 per month

LX54—Ush75,810 per month

LX55—Ush151,810 per month

Semi-Managed Dedicated Servers Enterprise HDD

RX61—Ush 224,200 per month

SX61—Ush224,200 per month

RX62—300,200 per month

SX62—Ush 300,200 per month

RX63—Ush376,200 per month

TX61—Ush 452,200 per month

Semi-Managed Dedicated Servers NVMe SSD

RX61-NVMe—Ush 224,200 per month

SX61-NVMe—Ush224,200 per month

RX62-NVMe—300,200 per month

SX62-NVMe—Ush 300,200 per month

RX63-NVMe—Ush376,200 per month

TX61-NVMe—Ush 452,200 per month

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

RX61—Ush452,200 per month

SX61—Ush452,200 per month

RX62—Ush528,200 per month

SX62—Ush528,200 per month

RX63—Ush604,200 per month

TX61—Ush680,200 per month

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers are for websites that receive over 500,000 page views per month. For new and small websites, shared hosting plans are the best.


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