List of web hosting companies in Burundi


Burundi has a couple of web hosting companies which stand out.If you have a website you wish to host in Burundi, here are the best web hosting companies to host with:

  • Bluehost

Hosting at Bluehost will cost you as little as $2.65 per month. In a normal month, the cost is $3.95.

Bluehost has 30-day money back guarantee for every new client.If you join them and later discover that they are offering poor services,you are allowed to ask for refund.

Bluehost website link:

  • Enolvi Host

Website link:

  • Host IT Limited

Website link:

  • Digital Web

Website link:

  • Burundi Shop

Website link:

  • NavicoSoft

Website link:

Any of the above hosting companies will do better for your website, but we strongly encourage you to register with Bluehost because it’s reliable and cheap. For new websites, shared hosting plans are the best but for established websites, choose VPS or Dedicated Server hosting environments.

Any blogger in Burundi should consider hosting their websites with the likes of Bluehost because they will get the best services.


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