12 Reasons Why Bluehost is the Best Web Hosting Company in the World


Bluehost is the best web hosting company in the world. There are 12 reasons to support this. In the entire world, more than 20,000 companies are registered to offer website hosting services but Bluehost stands out, here are the reasons why it’s always voted as the best.

1.30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day money back guarantee is a free feature offered by Bluehost.This is applicable to all new clients. If you make a payment and later discover that the services you are being offered are not satisfactory, you will demand for a refund. As long as 30 days are not over, the refund will be guaranteed. If you love this service, then purchase a free trial plan here

2.Official WordPress Hosting company.

WordPress officially declared Bluehost as the main hosting company for WordPress sites. There is a reason as to why WordPress decided that it’s Bluehost and not any other hosting company. Since almost every blog being created nowadays uses WordPress, it means the CMS company has enough faith in Bluehost, which is why they advised their clients to choose Bluehost.

Bluehost has shared hosting plans, VPS,Dedicated Server as well as WordPress Hosting. You can pick the plan which suits you.

3.Free SSL Certificate

Another feature which attract many clients to Bluehost is the SSL certificate. The certificate is provided to every client for free.SSL Certificate protects a website from hackers and also improves the SEO of a website. Search engines rank websites with SSL certificates better than other websites.

4.Over 2 million websites hosted by Bluehost

If you want to know whether a company is good or bad, check the number of websites that are hosted by the company. Two million websites are not a small number. By having such a number, it means clients are satisfied with the services offered by Bluehost.

When a company is good, almost every blogger rush there for its services. Bluehost has made sure that it offers excellent services so as to attract more customers. Through referrals, more than 2 million people have chosen the company.

5.Twenty-Four Hours Customer Care Service

There are some web hosting companies which offer services within set time limits, but not Bluehost.The company offers 24/7 customer service to all their clients. Regardless of the time of the day or month, you can contact them online and get all your issues solved within no time. Bluehost has a chat button which you use to chat with their staff.

Any client will have confident that they will get help anytime of the day and night. It’s important for any website hosting company to have 24/7 customer service because website must be live all the time.

6.Cheap plans

Bluehost has the cheapest plans among its peers. With $2.65 you can comfortably host your site at Bluehost.The plans are priced based on the resources allocated. The cheapest plans are found in Shared Hosting environment.

Here is the amount to pay for each plan;

Shared Hosting Pricing

Basic–$3.95 per month

Plus–$5.95 per month

Choice Plus–$6.95 per month

Pro–$13.95 per month

Buy plan

VPS Hosting Pricing

Standard–$19.99 per month

Enhanced–$29.99 per month

Ultimate–$59.99 per month

Buy plan here

Dedicated Server pricing

Standard–$79.99 per month

Enhanced–$99.99 per month

Premium–$119.99 per month

Buy plan here

WordPress Hosting Pricing

Basic–$3.95 per month

Plus–$5.95 per month

Choice Plus–$6.95 per month

Visit website

WP Pro Hosting pricing

Build–$19.95 per month

Grow–$29.95 per month

Scale–$49.95 per month

eCommerce Hosting pricing

Starter–$6.95 per month

Plus–$8.95 per month

Pro–$12.95 per month

7.Bluehost WordPress Themes

Bluehost not only provide hosting services but also WordPress themes. As you buy hosting services, you can also purchase their themes which have so far been purchased by thousands of customers. This is an added advantage for Bluehost customers.

Other hosting companies do not have their own themes. As a client, you will be forced to look for a WordPress theme elsewhere. By having domain registration, hosting and theme purchase options, it means it’s a completely unique company.

8.Uptime for websites

Websites hosted by Bluehost rank better than 95% of websites hosted elsewhere. Uptime is an important factor when it comes to SEO and online ranking. The uptime for Bluehost is 99.95% which is an excellent score.

9.Several payment options

As a client, you are not limited by the type of payment you’ll use, there are a variety of payment options accepted by the company.

Here are the types of payment options by Bluehost:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Check or Money Order
  • Purchase Orders
  • Mailing Address

Credit card and Paypal are the most popular payment options.

If you have selected your plan and you want to pay right now, visit Bluehost via this link

10.Available contact details

You are also allowed to contact Bluehost at any given time.The contact numbers are available online.

Here is the contact number for Bluehost: 888-401-4678

11.Well-paying affiliate program for bloggers

Bluehost’s affiliate program for bloggers is the best in the entire world. When you sell one account, you earn either $65 or $120 depending on the category you are placed as an affiliate. There are affiliates who earn in excess of $30,000 every month.

The affiliate program is not only generous but honest. Their tracking program does not hide any information.

A new affiliate will earn $65 per sale but when you start selling more, Bluehost will pay you $120 per sale. Since the company has a good name, you don’t have to struggle too much to sell their products, your only work is to post good articles with affiliate links and customers will come.

12.No hidden charges

Some companies will ensure that you have joined them and start frustrating you with hidden charges. The advantage with Bluehost is that what you pay is what is indicated on the website. You will only pay more when you upgrade to a more superior plan.

Note….one negative thing about Bluehost is that it doesn’t offer free migration.If you want to migrate your site from another hosting company, you have to look for experts to do the work.