List of Web hosting Companies in Hong Kong

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

If you have a new website you wish to host in Hong Kong, there are many companies that offer the service. You can also host an old website with huge amount of traffic. In this article, we will only list the hosting companies which are registered in Hong Kong.

Below is a full list of web hosting companies in Hong Kong:

1.Xenyo Hosting

Website link:

Hosting pricing

Shared Hosting

Personal–$98 per month

Small business–$128 per month

Business Pro–$199 per month

SSD Linux Virtual Private Servers pricing

Startup—$190 per month

Small business–$290 per month

Business Pro–$399 per month

Corporate–$599 per month

Fully Managed SSD VPS Servers pricing

Small business–$899 per month

Business Pro–$999 per month

Corporate–$1199 per month

2. Hosthk

Website link:


Shared package from HK$50 per month

Reseller Packages from HK$200 per month

VPS Packages from HK$150 per month

Your own server from HK$1250 per month


Website link:


Personal CDN—HK$80 per month

Standard CDN—HK$128 per month

Professional CDN—HK$168 per month

Enterprise CDN—HK$198 per month

Hi-Enterprise CDN—HK$300 per month


Website link:


Package1—HK$68 per month

Package2—HK$98 per month

Package3—HK$150 per month

Package4—HK$300 per month

Package5—HK$580 per month


Website link:


Website link:


Website link:

8.Tinway Technologies

Website link:


Website link:

10.Jump Hosting

Website link:

11.Advan Host

Website link:


Website link:

13.ICD Soft

Website link:

14.HK Hosting

Website link:


Website link: