Best Dedicated Server Web Hosting in South Africa


When you are looking for the best dedicated server web hosting company in South Africa, the first thing to look at is the uptime of the servers, then price and finally price. The price might be low but their servers poor.

By choosing dedicated server hosting, it means VPS and shared hosting are not appropriate for you. Most bloggers are referred to dedicated server hosting because their blogs utilize so much resources which VPS and Shared hosting environments won’t sustain.

Here are the best dedicated server hosting companies in South Africa:


Most bloggers in South Africa are going for Bluehost because it’s cheap and reliable.Dedicated Server Hosting is for medium and heavy traffic sites.You’ll spend at least $50 per month on hosting at Bluhost,which is cheaper than majority of web hosting companies locally.To select one of the plans,click on this link and visit Bluehost website

1.GoDaddy South Africa

Website link:

Plans and pricing

DS-32—R1843,99 per month

DS-64—R2410,99 per month

DS-128—R4253,99per month

DS-256—R5671,99 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

MX3—R2454 per month

R2—R4674 per month

R3—R5874 per month


Website link:

Regular—R1574 per month

Advanced—R2574 per month

4.Host Cow

Website link:

Plans and Pricing

Standard Server—R1799 per month

Business Server—R2499 per month

Enterprise Server—R3299 per month

5.Paradigm Solutions

Website link:

Plans and Pricing





6.Host King

Website link:

Plans and pricing




7.One Provider

Website link:

Plans and Pricing

Xeon E3-1230 v5—R139 per month

Xeon E3-1270 v5—R159 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

Express—R945 per month

Standard—R2495 per month

Business—R4999 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

DX One—R820 per month

DX Two—R1250 per month

DX Three—R2999 per month

DX Four—R4499 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

Dedicated Server 1–$64.99 per month

Dedicated Server 2–$74.99 per month

Dedicated Server 3–$124.99 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

Starter—R1399 per month

Flexi—R1999 per month

Supreme—R2999 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

Business Server—R1550 per month

Enterprise Server—R2550 per month

MultiNode Server—R3450 per month

Titan Server—R6850 per month

13.Tech Plus

Website link:

Plans and Pricing

Standard Plans

Standard—R1,485 per month

Standard Plus—R1,935 per month

Standard Pro—R2,385 per month

Advanced Plans

Advanced—R2,835 per month

Advanced Plus—R3,285 per month

Advanced Pro—R3,735 per month

Ultimate plans

Ultimate—R4,485 per month

Ultimate Plus—R5,235 per month

Ultimate Pro—R5,985 per month


Website link:

Plans and pricing

TruServ™–R995 per month

TruServ™ Plus—R1595 per month

TruServ™ Commerce—R2595 per month

Dedicated Servers are mostly for websites which receive more than 300,000 visits per month. Some servers will sustain more than 10 million visits. The good thing about hosting with a dedicated server is that your site does not share resources with other websites. This is important for any website because it will grow without any limitations.