ConvertKit Refund


ConvertKit accepts refunds for any new client. Under 30-day money back guarantee, anyone who has paid for email marketing services at ConvertKit can apply for a refund. The refund is only valid if one has not used the service for more than 30 days.

If you have already paid and you want a refund, you can apply through this link. If you are yet to pay, then make an effort to pay and ask for a refund in less than 30 days if you don’t get the services you wanted.

Advantages of the 30-day money back guarantee

You will join with confidence because you are guaranteed that in case of anything, you’ll get all your money back.

Quality services—The company will offer quality services because they know that incase the customer is not satisfied; they will seek for a refund.

You’ll access all the features without restrictions. Even if there is a refund policy, the company will offer all the necessary services while knowing well that you may seek for arefund.For 30 days, you will use all the features comfortably and decide to ask for refund.

How to sign up for ConvertKit

ConvertKit has two types of plans, a free one and the premium plan. The free one lasts for 14 days and it comes with more than 90% of the features available in the premium plan. The premium plan costs $29 per month. To sign up for the free plan,click on this link

After 14 days are over, you can join the premium plan.