List of web hosting companies in Gibraltar


There are several web hosting companies in Gibraltar which offer cheap and free hosting services. In this article we shall list all registered website hosting companies right from the most popular to the least popular ones.

When picking a company to host with, make sure you check for uptime, cost of hosting, customer services and online review. The most important thing is to visit their social media accounts and check what followers are saying.

Here is a full list of web hosting companies in Gibraltar:

  • Diginus Data

Website link:



Address : Skopje, Macedonia , Bulevar 3ta Makedonska Brigada Br.529, 1000

Phone: + 389 71324176


  • Piranha Designs

Website link:


Tel: 0845 056 3703 | (+350) 200 45599


  • Top Born

Website link:

  • Sampotek Webzone

Website link:

Business web hosting prices

Basic–$20.99 per month

Super–$25.99 per month

Super Plus–$35.75 per month

Extreme–$45.99 per month

  • Astra Hosting

Website link:

  • Zeta Hosting

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Economic–$150 per month

Bronze–$200 per month

Plata–$250 per month

Oro–$300 per month

  • Discount Domains

Website link:

  • Navico Soft

Website link:

  • Innova

Website link: