List of Web Hosting Companies in Malta


Malta has over 10 popular web hosting companies which are hosting over 5,000 websites. The types of hosting available are, shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress Managed hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting. Shared hosting is for small websites while Dedicated Server is for big and viral websites.

If you wish to host your website in Malta, here is a list of top webhosting companies in the country:

  • Cloudways

Website link:

  • Webware

Website link:

Unlimited web hosting pricing

Economy hosting— €2.75 per month

Unlimited hosting— €6.45 per month

Business hosting– €11.35 per month

Reseller Hosting Pricing

Starter– €25 per month

Upgrade– €20 per month

  • Neolo

Website link:


Unlimited Plan– € 3.17 per month

Plan 1– € 1.47 per month

Plan 0— € 1.35 per month

  • Malta Hosting

Website link:

  • Malta Serve

Website link:

  • NMS

Website link:

  • Webspace

Website link:

Shared Hosting pricing

Starter– €59 per year

Business– €99 per year

Premium– €179 per year

VPS Hosting pricing

VX22—€6.90 per month

VX24—€12.99 per month

VX48—€19 per month

VX416—€29 per month

VX432—€49 per month

WordPress Hosting

Starter– €19 per month

Premium– €29 per month

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated X1—€59 per month

Dedicated X2—€99 per month

Dedicated X3—-€159 per month

  • Deloitte Digital

Website link:

  • Bmit Technologies

Website link: