List of Best Keyword for Bloggers in The Month of April 2020


Most websites are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus; the traffic has plummeted but there are specific keywords which are selling like hot cakes at the moments. Websites like which are posting relevant content have attracted almost 98% of traffic. This is the best time for other bloggers to think of how to post the trending keywords.

After keenly analyzing trends, here are the best keywords to write about for the month of April 2020:

  1. How to make money while working from home
  2. Coronalive updates
  3. Latest news about corona
  4. Latest statistics about corona deaths
  5. How to start a blog
  6. How much money bloggers earn
  7. High risk coronavirus groups
  8. Search Results
  9. Web results
  10. Is the coronavirus disease the same as SARS?
  11. What are the symptoms of the coronavirus disease?
  12. What should you do if you think you have the coronavirus disease?
  13. Countries with the highest cases of coronavirus
  14. Best coronavirus drugs
  15. How to treat coronavirus without going to hospital
  16. Best hospitals to treat coronavirus
  17. What’s the cost of treating coronavirus?
  18. What are the chances of dying from coronavirus
  19. Countries not affected by coronavirus
  20. What is social distancing
  21. The best protective mask to wear for coronavirus
  22. The cost of ventilators
  23. The best food to buy for lockdown
  24. Why is tissue so popular during lockdown?
  25. How to kill boredom during lockdown
  26. Best fruits to take to improve immunity
  27. Objects that spread coronavirus
  28. Best distance to keep from someone infected with coronavirus
  29. How long will it take for the symptoms of coronavirus to appear?

If you write about all these keywords,then you’ll attract millions of visits in April 2020.To know more about keywords ,you can join SEMRush for free,follow this link to sign up


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