List of Web Hosting Companies in Jamaica


There are several web hosting companies in Jamaica which one can opt to host their website with. Whether your blog gets 10 page views per month or 1 million page views, there is an ideal company in Germany to host it.

Here is the list of hosting companies in Jamaica:

  • Jamaica Web Design and Hosting

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Starter—J$499 per month

Advance—J$1,099 per month

Power—J$1,899 per month

  • Yahjam Hosting

Website link:

Shared Hosting Plans

Power Plan– $6.99 per month

Launch Plan— $4.99 per month

Pro Plan— $9.99 per month

  • Bliz Web Design

Website link:

Plans and Pricing

Pro–$3.95 per month

Elite–$8.95 per month

Ultimate–$14.95 per month

  • Exclusive Tech Jamaica

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Express– $4.50 per month

Expert– $5.90 per month

Exclusive– $9.50 per month

  • EvoluTronic Web Services Limited

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Silver– $400 JMD per month

Gold– $900 JMD per month

Diamond– $1,700 JMD per month

  • Go-Jamaica

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Bronze Plan– J$1,750 per month

Silver Plan—J$2,250 per month

Gold Plan—J $2,750 per month

For new websites, purchase the cheapest plan and for popular sites,VPS or Dedicated servers are the best. The most popular web hosting companies in Jamaica are, Jamaica Web Design services and Yahjam Hosting


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