Kinsta Latest News: temporary URLs on May 4, 2020


On May 4,2020 Kinsta will be replacing the temporary URLs URL to URL.

The changes will be made any time until May4, 2020.Information provided by Kinsta read:

What are temporary URLs?

Every site created at Kinsta comes with a temporary URL so that it’s immediately accessible to you even before you point your own domain at it. These temporary URLs are in the form of and * or and *

Sites that could be affected fall in the following groups:

  • Sites configured utilizing a reverse proxy directed to their temporary URL will break. Reverse proxies are not very common, your developer or site administrator will know if your site is using one.
  • Custom integrations set up to rely on the temporary URL will break. Your developer will know if this is the case.
  • Sites whose DNS records are pointed to a temporary domain will break. This is an extremely uncommon setup which does not apply to most sites.
  • We’ve created a handy button in MyKinsta that allows you to make the transition from a URL to a domain. For the vast majority of sites this will be a painless and safe operation. If you are sure that you aren’t using a reverse proxy and no custom integrations rely on your temporary URL, feel free to press the button! Your URL will be replaced automatically with a URL.

Note that there are some cases where you may see this button even if you do not have any temporary URLs. If your site was originally created with a temporary URL it may have some container-level data that is based on this information (such as your phpMyAdmin URL). Pressing the button will make sure all elements within your site’s container are transitioned correctly.

  • If you believe you may be affected contact your developer or site administrator to modify your reverse proxy setup and/or remove your integration dependencies on the temporary URL. Once these steps have been completed you can press the button in MyKinsta to change your temporary URL.

All members of Kinsta with affected sites have received emails and are required to make the necessary changes before May 4,2020.

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