4 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Not Reveal Their Actual Income Online


There is excitement with revealing your income online. Millions of bloggers are inspired when they read what other bloggers earn, but even as you actively tell others what you earn, there are serious things that could happen to you until you regret why in the first place you exposed yourself.

Instead of revealing your actual income, give a range. For instance, if your income is $10,000, state that you earn between $1,000 and $10,000.

Before you write any post about your monthly income report, here are 4 things you should understand.

  • Government tax

Most bloggers don’t pay tax and it’s difficult for the government to know how much you earn until you expose yourself. The moment you state that you earn a certain amount of money, the government will force you to pay tax based on the figures you stated.

  • Danger of being physical attacks by criminals

Some criminals are always online to check on who to attack next. Assuming that you earn $1 million ever month and some people are able to trace you, then you’ll be in great danger.

People are not good, some of them will, out of jealous, will attack and harm you or even hijack you to forcefully steal from you.

  • Competition

If you are in a niche that does not have many bloggers, don’t reveal what you earn. Some experienced bloggers will cross over to that niche and snatch the traffic from you. I have actually seen many bloggers lose up to 3/4 of their traffic after they consistently reveal what they earn.

  • Hacking

Hackers will also try to bring you down unless you have installed SSL certificate and hired experienced experts to monitor your site. If the hackers succeed, they will ask for millions of dollars before they release the site to you.