Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in Botswana


We will single out the best affiliate programs in Botswana even if there are over 20 companies which offer opportunities for bloggers to make money online through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways in which bloggers monetize their sites. They also use AdSense, which is not well paying at the moment.

If you are planning to earn from affiliate marketing, here are the best programs to register with:

  • Travelstart Botswana

Website link:

Travelstart allows any blogger to become an affiliate whether they own a website or not.Once you have registered, the company will provide a dashboard where you will get banners and affiliate links. You can then share the links on your blog or social media accounts to start earning through referrals. Travelstart pays up to 70% in commissions.

  • Lenovo

Another affiliate program which is popular in Bostswana is Lenovo. Sign up, then promote their laptops and other gadgets to earn commissions.

Affiliate sign up link:

  • Total Body Shine

Website link:

You will earn:

  1. Up to 30% commission on all purchases made using your unique tracking code (excluding shipping cost).
  2. Up to 20% Lifetime cookie period – even if a customer doesn’t make a purchase until over a year (or longer) of clicking your affiliate link, you will still receive a commission for your referral.
  3. Up to 5% Lifetime INDIRECT commission on your second level referrals (Indirect commission from all the actions made by affiliates, who joined our program thru your referral link).
  4. Get commission on wholesale price and not net price.
  5. Get commission on the whole basket not just the product you linked to.
  6. Access to pre-made banners and text links.
  7. Fast payout (usually every 2 weeks).
  8. Personal discount on all products.
  9. You will be assigned a unique tracking id.
  10. Real-time reporting and sales tracking.
  11. Wrike

Website link:

  • Jumia

Website link:

Jumia is the top online shop in Africa. Regardless of the country you are in, you can promote their products and earn money in excess of $1,000 every month. Some products pay commissions of up to 14%


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