How to Make Money Online in Uganda


There are many ways of making money online in Uganda. As the going gets tough for graduates, the only way someone would keep themselves busy is by operating online business. We have done online business for a while and everything we are saying is from the horse’s mouth.

There was a time when online business was not regarded as meaningful adventure. If you told someone that you are a blogger, they would call you an idler. But blogging is a wonderful profession which pays in excess of Ugx 3 million for serious bloggers. Over time, people have come to appreciate online business, as a result the number of Ugandans doing online business has soared.

If you want to make money online in Uganda, here are the best ways to do it:

  • Blogging

Blogging is one way you will earn passive income online even when you are a sleep. Currently, there are over 600 bloggers who make money online in Uganda. To start a blog, you require an average of Ugx 200,000.

There are three important steps to follow before you become a blogger. First, register a domain name, buy hosting services, then pay to have your website designed. However, if you have knowledge of web design, you can go ahead and develop your own website.

Here are two best hosting companies in Uganda

—-Crystal Web Hosting

—–Jubilee Web hosting

The two hosting companies will host your website as well as allow you to register new domain names.

If you wish to host your websites away from Uganda, there are two credible hosting companies I would recommend.


—-A2 Hosting:

A total of UGX 200,000 is enough to register a domain, pay for hosting and develop a website.

After creating a blog, the next step will be to start making money. The most common way to earn money from your blog is through AdSense. This is a program you join for free, it’s owned by Google. If they approve your blog, you’ll get access to the dashboard where you generate banners to place on your site. Bloggers earn through cost per 1000 readers and cost per click…the more traffic you generate the better. AdSense pays a minimum amount of $100 every month, that’s if you reach this threshold.

This is what you expect to earn based on traffic numbers:

10,000 visits–$10

50,000 visits–$70

100,000 visits–$120

500,000 visits—$1,400

1 million visits–$2,100

You can also earn from AdSense alternatives and affiliate marketing.

Blogging will earn you millions of shillings especially when you have passion for the work… but you need to put extra effort to beat competition.

  • Affiliate marketing

Another sure way of making money online is through affiliate marketing. I will recommend Jumia affiliate program which many affiliate bloggers in Uganda earn from. Here is the sign up link for the affiliate program

At least 10 affiliate marketers earn over UGX 1 million from Jumia every month.

Jumia allows you to join this program even if you don’t own a website. Marketing is done through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or via an established blog. Affiliate marketers earn only after they have sold a product.

If you are a good marketer, you’ll earn more than UGX 3 million from affiliate marketing programs available in Uganda.

You can also join 22Bet affiliate program, register here

  • Social media influencer

There are a couple of social media influencers in Uganda who are pulling in a lot of millions from social media adverts. The good thing is that you don’t require special skills to start earning from social media, all you need are viral Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

  • YouTuber

YouTube is a good source of income for influencers, comedians, bloggers and affiliate marketers. Joining YouTube is free and making money does not need special skills. In YouTube, you are required to create original videos which you share for your subscribers and other viewers to read. The more subscribers you have, the more you earn.

YouTubers make money via AdSense.

  • Create eCommerce website

Jumia and Kilimall are some of eCommerce websites which are doing well in Uganda. You can also create your own eCommerce website and start making money online.

You don’t even require a lot of capital to start an eCommerce website, a total of $300 is enough. What is needed is a website where you display items alongside their prices. If someone orders the item, go and pick them from the sellers and deliver to your customers.

You can even display items for other traders who will pay you every month.

  • Create websites for bloggers and agencies

If you have skills in IT and web design, you can start creating websites. I know very few companies which do web development in Uganda and any new entry must get customers.

If you market yourself well on social media, you’ll get over 10 clients every month. Creating one website will cost average of UGX 300,000.

  • CV and Cover letter writing

Writing CVs for job seekers will only require basic skills in Microsoft Word. This business is simple to run as long as you understand how to market yourself on social media.

There is no way you’ll go for a week without getting a client. There are millions of Ugandan job seekers who need professionally done CVs and cover letters.

  • Selling professional skills online

If you are a trained doctor, statistician, pharmacist, lawyer or Graphic Designer, you can market your products online. There is also a growing number of DJs who are marketing their products online for adverts and shows.


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