Does YouTube Pay Kenyan Artistes


Many upcoming artistes have been wondering whether YouTube pays artistes. The answer is yes based on whether Google’s owned monetization platform approves their content.

Almost every artiste in Kenya owns a YouTube channel where they upload their music. YouTube acts as a marketing channel as well as income generating program. At the beginning, artistes are not paid but when they apply for AdSense and get approved, the banners running on their channels generate income. The more subscribers an artiste has the more they earn from YouTube.

To be approved by YouTube, your channel must fulfill these conditions:

  • The YouTube channel must get at least 3,000 views before you apply
  • The videos must be original and unique
  • You should not promote adult content
  • You should not have copyright issues
  • The channel must have some subscribers (at least 10)
  • The channel should not have fake traffic

For you to start earning, first create a YouTube account, then start uploading your music or any other videos you have created. After you have met the minimum requirements indicated above, apply for AdSense account.

Approval is not automatic. In case your application doesn’t get approved, continue adding more unique videos. Wait for at least one month to reapply. The application can be rejected several times before you get approved.

Once approved, link the account to your YouTube channel and wait for the adverts to start earning you money.

The amount of money you’ll earn from YouTube

The amount of money you will earn depend on traffic numbers and click through rate.For 1,000 views, you’ll earn approximately Ksh 100 and for 10,000 views, the income is Ksh 1,000.If you get 100,000 views, you’ll earn approximately Ksh10,000.

Assuming you upload a video and it gets 1 million views, you’ll earn between Ksh 90,000 and Ksh150,000.

Earning is through a combination of cost per mile and cost per click.

The more videos you upload, the more you earn from your YouTube channel.


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