GetResponse Free Trial


GetResponse offers 30-day free trial plan for all their new clients. This plan is available for individuals and agencies wishing to test the company’s services before they fully commit. Once you’ve registered for the free trial, you’ll enjoy GetResponse’s services for 30 days without paying any money.

Email marketing is important especially when you have thousands of clients you wish to notify on regular occasions. The service is particularly good for e-commerce business, betting companies, supermarkets, banks and training institutions.

The free trial has the following features:

  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Space for up to 1000 contacts
  • Top-converting landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • Highly engaging webinars
  • Webforms and surveys
  • Advanced analytics and testing tools
  • Automated sales, lead and webinar funnels

To sign up for the free trial,follow this link

One of the advantages of GetResponse email marketing tool is that you are able to see the number of clients who read your email and their response. The tool is highly engaging.

Out of 1,000 contacts, assuming you are in the e-commerce industry and you have introduced a new product, at least 100 will respond, some of them will order the product, others will order later. A number of them will inform their friends and family members about the product.

The reason you should use email marketing tools is because the normal emails by Gmail might be treated as spam emails and may not be read by your clients. GetResponse ensures that all your emails are delivered normally.

Upon the expiry of 30-day offer, you’ll choose between buying the premium plans or dropping GetResponse.However, based on previous reviews, those who have already used the services have never looked back.

You can decide to pick the cheapest plan of 1,000 emails per month and pay $15 monthly. If that one is not enough, go for the same plan but with up to 100,000 emails. For 100,000 emails per month, you’ll pay $450.To know more about GetResponse plans,follow this link

GetResponse is among top three best email marketing tools in the world.