3 Best Web Hosting Companies for Kenyan Websites Receiving Over 1 Million Page Views


There is no single web hosting company in Kenya which can sustain traffic of more than 3 million page views per month. Most of them would advise you to upgrade to their Dedicated Server platforms but they will eventually disappoint you.

You need a stable web hosting company that can handle more than 1 million visits per month. I have three well established companies for you:

  • Kinsta
  • Bluehost
  • A2 Hosting

When it comes to viral websites, the amount of resources allocated matter a lot. Over 1 million page views means that a site must utilize at least 50GB Disk Space and an equivalent in terms of Bandwidth. The three aforementioned hosting companies can host the viral sites pretty well.

  • Kinsta Web hosting company

My first choice is Kinsta Web Hosting company. I recommend this one because I have been their clients for 6 years. Ever since I joined, I have never had any major issue. At one time, one of my websites was attacked by viruses but Kinsta helped me to clean the sites…they went ahead and installed a free SSL certificate.

Though there are many plans under Kinsta, a couple of them are fit for huge websites. Here are the most suitable plans for over 1 million page views per month:

  • Business 2—250,000 visits per month—$200
  • Business 3—400,000 visits per month—$300
  • Business 4—600,000 visits per month—$400
  • Enterprise 1—1,000,000 visits per month—-$600
  • Enterprise 2—1,500,000 visits per month—$900
  • Enterprise 3—2,000,000 visits per month—$1,200
  • Enterprise 4—3,000,000 visits per month—$1,500

Even if your website receives 100 million visits per month, your site will still be accommodated by Kinsta.

The monthly visits are calculated differently from page views. One person can view 10 pages which is counted as 1 visit. Your site may have 10 million page views per month but only get 500,000 visits.

To start hosting with Kinsta,visit their website via this link and create a free account

  • Bluehost

Bluehost works well with WordPress sites. There are two types of hosting which are perfect for large websites: Dedicated Server and WordPress Pro.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting has three plans: Standard, Enhanced and Premium. The company recommends Enhanced plan because it can sustain over 1 million page views, but if you choose Premium plan the better.

Here is the pricing for each plan:

  • Standard—-$79.99 per month
  • Enhanced—$99.99 per month
  • Premium—-$119.99 per month

To learn more about the features of each plan,follow this link

  • A2 Hosting

The best type of hosting for over 1 million page views is the Managed Dedicated Hosting which has three main plans: Sprint, Exceed and Mach.

The following are plans and pricing for the Managed Dedicated Hosting:

  • Sprint—$141.09 per month
  • Exceed–$207.49 per month
  • Mach—$290.49 per month

Out of the three plans, Exceed is the most popular. You can see all the details here

Any of the three hosting companies listed above will serve you well. I prefer Kinsta for websites above 1 million constant visits.