Best Way to Deal with Plagiarism in Blogging


If you read as many blogs as your capacity dictates, almost all of them would advise you to apply the same old techniques of dealing with plagiarism, but we have a different opinion which has always worked for us. First, let me list some of the traditional ways of dealing with plagiarism:

  • Disable right clicking
  • Install anti copying plugin
  • Threaten the one plagiarizing your content through an email

While those three tricks may work to some extent, in the long run, they’ll backfire. One of the methods you should always avoid is to threaten the one copying your content. In some cases, or most occasions if I may say, you might find that the one copying belongs to an organized criminal gang. If you consistently threaten them, they’ll organize and eventually harm you. Some bloggers will even ignore your threats—what will you do!!!!!

Disabling right clicking may not work because there are other plugins which will counter that. Disabling copy pasting content will also prevent people from sharing your content especially in social media—this is bad for SEO. What options then do you remain with?

I own a total of 5 websites and each of them is popular. Plagiarism is the food I have been served regularly, I am used to it. Initially, I used to get so irritated whenever I realized that someone had ‘stolen’ my content. I would threaten and even make several calls. Later, I realized that I was hurting myself. This is what I did. In the course of looking for a long term solution, I figured out why big sites like CNN and BBC have always remained the best despite millions of websites copying their content. I got an answer. These sites stand out because they have grown to become authority blogs. In case anyone tries to copy them, the content won’t rank better than the original source. Search engines also try to ignore sites that copy from authority blogs. My conclusion was that I must build an authority blog to stop worrying about being copied.

Nowadays, if you try to copy content appearing on authority blogs, your site will even disappear from the search results. The same article you copied won’t be indexed, thus returning zero organic traffic.

The second answer is to ensure that my articles contain affiliate links.I also make them so complicated that copying becomes almost impossible. By doing so, I naturally prevent other bloggers from copying my content.

The third way to prevent plagiarism is to write a polite email to the blogger by informing them that you will report their content for copyright infringement. Any sensible blogger will stop copying your content.

One thing you should understand is that your content will not be copied by one person only, once you become popular several bloggers will start copying you, thus making it hard, harder and impossible to report all of them for copyright infringement. The only solution is to ensure that your blog is authoritative enough to enable its content rank on page one of search engines.


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