Should I Quit Blogging? Here is What To Do When You Want To Give Up in Blogging


It reaches a point when you are extremely tired, where quitting blogging is the only option. This happens to almost all bloggers and it’s when some events happen in your life or your blogging is not generating enough money.

Let me first tell my story. I created my first blog in 2020.I had read several articles online how bloggers were making millions of money and was fully motivated. The idea behind creating the blog was to make money quickly, become rich, build a big house, drive a big car, marry and get beautiful children. I had dreams of traveling the whole world, even visiting the moon at some point in life. The disappointment I got almost took me to the grave. I spent $300 in creating the website, including the $42 I paid for hosting at Bluehost.I had figured out that in one week, I could have recovered the cash and even got $1,000 more. That time I had a full time job which was paying me $2,000 per month, the money was pretty good, blogging was like a side hustle.

I posted three articles the first day and waited for people to call and advertise in large numbers. I was also aware of AdSense. I applied that very day. I thought my blog was to be approved immediately and start earning. The following morning, I got an email from Google that my account had not been approved. When I checked on my blog, I realized that nobody ever visited it—it had zero views. Determined to prove everyone wrong, I continued writing and applying for Approval from AdSense on daily basis. After three days of hard work, the steam started going down, the urge to quit started dominating me. Three days later, I said enough is enough and quit writing. It’s my friend, who is a seasoned blogger, that saved my career.

Every blogger faces a challenge of this nature at one time, either because their AdSense has been disabled, they aren’t meeting expectations or are bored with blogging. To avoid quitting, this is what they should do.

  • Take short break

Blogging can be monotonous. It reaches a point where you burn out. The best thing to do is to take a short break from the daily routine. If you have been writing and posting daily, take a break of one week without even login to your blog. Go and visit your friends, have fun, travel far and wide, then come back. By the time one week is over, you’ll have gathered enough energy to continue from where you stopped.

This is exactly what I do when I get exhausted. I normally take a break of one to two weeks; I even move away from the working environment.

  • Be patient

I understand when a blog is new, you may easily quit because it’s not generating any money. This is when the virtue of patience is needed. Normally, a new blog takes at least 6 months to start generating reasonable income. When you know that, the idea of quitting won’t arise.

Blogging is like any other business, there is no way you will start a business today and start making profits immediately, it has to take some time.

To be honest, it took me 6 months to start earning from my first blog. Before then, I didn’t know much about the dynamics of blogging.

Talk to another blogger

It’s good to develop a network within your profession. Talk to an experienced blogger, discuss and exchange ideas. Tell them about your challenges. I am sure some of them will encourage you not to quit, others will give a testimony on the challenges they had faced before. If you discover that they had faced the same challenges as yours, you won’t be in a hurry to quit.

When you share your problems, even if you don’t get instant help, your heart will be a bit relieved. Instead of quitting, you’ll find yourself being more energized

  • Focus on the positives

In anything, when you focus on the negatives, you will easily get discouraged and eventually quit. Sit down, reflect, meditate and start counting the good things blogging has done to you. It’s also important to compare yourself with other bloggers, especially those doing poorer than you. Positive thoughts can heavily motivate you.

  • Get enough sleep/rest

Bloggers spend a lot of time online, sometimes up to 20 hours a day. It reaches a time when you don’t feel like working anymore. One secret of killing this thought is by having enough sleep. I always advise other bloggers to sleep for 8 hours. When you do so, it’s easy to work for 10 hours without getting tired.

  • Read motivational blogs

Motivational blogs, especially for successful bloggers will motivate you. Some of them post their personal stories where they feature challenges. You will realize that they are also facing the challenges you are facing. I am sure by the time you finish reading one story, you won’t think of quitting anymore.


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